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Both financial and psychological independence is essential here. J

Most of the women like a guy with a strong alison fitzroy dating confidence. The surprising but true is that even women like a confident guy more than a rich, good looking and smart guy.

Confidence is not walking around with a puffed chest out.

It is not even something about speaking or talking loudly. These do not make a man confident.

  • An elite and confident eye contact
  • A pregnant pause while talking
  • Deep in conversation
  • Gesture and posture

So, foster these qualities.

Be the most confident amongst the guys around you.

Hey, men! Wash away the idea that men dont need to be sensitive. Women always like a guy with enough sensitiveness and emotions.

It is one of the things in men that women like most.

I feel how lucky I am when my boyfriend becomes sensitive and emotional to me.

Make your girls feel special with you and be the most attractive TODAY.

It is true that women like sexy men. Women like the guy with a lustful and seductive approach.

Girls always like for the guys who are sensitive enough in terms of the sexiness and mad about the excitement of having a sex. Demonstrate yourself to the girls that you are sexy enough to make your girl satisfied and attract her.

Women do not like guys who just run after money or girls. Rather, they like guys who have a strong and focused goal of life. Women always want a secured chest to jump in and live in. The purposes the guys may need are:

  • Be the idol of any movement
  • Create an art or music
  • Establish a business
  • Impoverish a community

Oh, guys! The quality of take care a girl is the thing that a girl likes most in a guy. So, they love to have a guy who always takes care of them.

If someone asks me who the boys, I dislike most will come with an answer that a guy who is indifferent to his girl. It will prosecute in your character that will make a girl to attract you.

The intellectual quality is one of the things that attract a girl most. Men with a PhD degree, watch CNN or Discovery Channel and CNBC are attracted by the girls. Discuss the national, international and sports issues in an insight into the girls.

But, be cautious. Dont lengthen the discussion because most of the girls, in nature, do not alison krauss and robert plant dating like these topics.


Support is a big quality that a girl likes in a guy. A guy must need a stable financial support and mental readiness to support a girl.

This quality attracts a girl most.

The certainty and determination of life always attract a girl towards a guy. The decisiveness of present and future life is, the things that always make a guy attracted by a girl.

This stable characteristic in guy mostly attracts a girl.

No girl likes a man with a loose character and weak mentality. The self-respect and dignity of life attract the girls always.

Being honest with the girls is possibly one of the most liked things in a man. The sense of integrity, of words and actions make a guy attractive and smart for a girl.

Certain physical things that can allay your confidence. Sometimes these problems are beyond the your hand, but you can still get rid of them. And, things will be perfect if you put a care on these. The things are:

Appearance becomes first in men that attract the girls most. Women in all society love a man who is smart enough in looking and appearance.

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