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All these things will attract the girls to you.

Guys who are in well dressed and matched shoes attract the girls most.


Penny’s size is a great matter that a girl likes in a guy that attracts her. Again the sex duration and stamina also attract the girls to guys.

Make the girls know that you are able enough to handle this.

As a girl, I prefer the tall guy in my life! Yes, most girls like a guy with a standard height.

Social things are one of the great issues in men that women like. The most liked social issues are:

Women like the guys with the Byronic qualities. Men should be dynamic and Byronic to attract a girl. It will attract a girl to you.

One of the most wanted qualities in men that women like is the social adroitness. Men having with a good quality of how to set a communication, how to listen to their girls and how to make comfort are always liked by their girls.

Having an intrinsic quality of motherhood, women always like a man of baby friendliness. The love towards baby makes the women feel that the guy has a soft heart and mind to make them happy.

Women like a funny and humorous guy. The guy who is excessive serious and sluggish are not warmly welcomed by the girls.

The kindness, sympathy and empathy are the great things that a girl likes in a man. These qualities make a guy important to the girls always.

Hey guys! Do you know that you can easily attract a girl if you learn how to take responsibility? They will be automatically attracted to you.

So, guys! You now know the qualities that make you an attractive guy.

There are also some traits in men that girls don’t like at all. Avoid these ASAP!

So here are the things that girls seek in boys and also the things that they simply don’t like. However, the above mentioned things in men that the girls like most is the combined package of many findings; both from virtual and practical worlds.

So boys, just be yourself, be confident, be smart, and be likable to the girl you want. Most importantly, try to discover the attractive traits in you and hone them to win your girl.

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