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Date Craft: Girls & Boys 1.8 собственность и торговая марка разработчика Crafting And Building Games For Girls Adventure, Все права защищены.

4 stars: Good game except the conversations are kind of boring and drab. It talks like a computer and olit should talk like a human. Great game.

4 stars: It was cringy yet pretty adicting. I dated a guy named Adam and we had a strange yet cute relationship. Then it crashed and he left our house and i found him with his name Lucas. Some girl Kate tried to be with him so i killed her.

4 stars: I like it! Just that the people should talk more normally and answer your questions correctlt.And they kind of ask for information and I kind of dont like that. But still a good game!

5 stars: I know its glitchy but only cause it has so much detail. But I know what u know is so I know not to do it.

3 stars: It is a good game but the dates didn't follow me . I also wasn't able to save so whatever i build dosen't last. If i was able to do this then iwould've given the game more stars but these are also really important features to have

3 stars: I really need to be stopped loaded into the woods and not the high school. Oh just wanted to tell you I need to have more love in this. Like not just dating.

We had a post about boys thoughts on girls, I only think its fair if the boys can know what girls expect from them on a date. Even before dating , what are girls thoughts on what to expect when first meeting their date?

6) Dont sit and darshan the whole time, yes- we like torah…but u x havta give us a shuir ON A DATE…a little d’var torah is okay..but dont push it

7) Dont mention: weight…or things a girl might get insulted or be sensative to..(this one guy didnt stop telling me how his mother is a size was pretty weird and uncomfotable)

10) Dont call your parents when your at the girls house 2 tell them u got there (really happen)

11) Plan ahead 1-2 place 2 go BEFORE you go on a date..get directions BEFORE…dont call your friend on the phone and ask where to go (also happened)

12) DONT BE A WALL!! ( I was on a date and the guy just sat there all quiet for like ten minutes leaving me yapping/ as i was trying to deplete the massive awkwrdness and silence..wen i asked asian and american dating edicate him why he was so quiet he said the following: “i learned that wen someone is talking i shud b quiet”.

—Guys, DONT do or say that)

13) If your on a date and u see right away she is not for you (and this goes for girls as well) DO NOT BE RUDE! Dont act like u wanna run home..its a chilul hashem too, by treating s/o like that..we’ve all had dates like that, but u gotta put yourself together and FAKE IT!! BE A MENTCH!!

15) and when you drop her off DONT ZOOOM away until you see the door close!!

Wow those were some serious tips and ideas.

Some more obvious than others, but are kristen and robert pattinson dating overall very helpful. forget it, seems like you’re teen-texting from a phone and can’t read Hebrew.

K’maim haponim l’panim ken lav ha’adam (if I quoted right). A bit of attitude (happy and sweet one) could do wonders.

1 dont take a girl somewhere 3 blocks away from her house!

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