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i had a guy take me to a resturant that i couldve walked to and i saw 3 people i know on the way back to the car (which was parked 2 blocks away from my house)

2- dont keep looking at your watch- its insulting, even if its late and ur tired….

uts just plain not nice

And BOYS TAKE NOTES…a/o who a mother reading this- relay this 2 your sons…

Coffeefan -u got some good points too.

Its tough to know when the time is up though without checking,you gotta do it when she’s not looking I guess.

Or just check the clock on the wall innocently.

coffeefan – oh my. A boy once brought me to a place next door where my father works. (I told the boy that my father works next door and would be there… he decided to go anyway!) He just totally did not get it. I still am trying to figure out what I could have said!

wen i asked him why he was so quiet he said the following: “i learned that wen someone is talking i shud b quiet”.

—Guys, DONT do or say that)

lol i’m not talking about checking your watch once then saying ok its late lets go….

but when the date isnt going well (and dont worry i know that too……)looking at your watch every 5 seconds……. dont talk about starwars/startrek or any other old movie that i never saw and have no interest.

2. dont talk about random stupid facts u know…or i will just nod and smile…and count the minutes until its all over.

4. try to maintain eye contact all online dating sites 4 singles as much as possible (there was a guy i went out with that had this “thing” that he always hadta know how many people were in the room so he was always looking around….it was very distracting to me, but he always knew his surroundings, that was cool).


if you cant find the place…dont be persistent that you will find it…(we ended up in manhattan cause he couldnt find the dumbo park, meanwhile the park was pathetic and we ended up chilling in a bookstore, worst date ever. if you like what shes wearing, you can be bold and compliment her but if u dont like what shes wearing, keep it to yourself.

7. NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER talk about money on date…this includes prices of drinks, cars, vacations or salary etc…


please dont pick me up in a hunk of junk…if u dont drive a nice car thats okay, but if the seat belt doesnt work, its just not cool (true story….ughhh).

thats all i can think of for know but im sure theres more to come…:))

With allentown high end dating service such attitudes, any of you engaged? If a boys senses you measuring -DON’T do this, DON’T do that, DO this, DO that, NEVER,NEVER,NEVER..- any reason for him to be interested?

i think i have enough to offer to be what you allied dating services would refer to as ‘demanding’…

Why is it that all guys seem to need a bubbly, entertaining girl. Isn’t there more to a girl than just her personality? Also, give her time to feel comfortable and then show her true personality. Some take longer to warm up…….

“With such attitudes, any of you engaged? If a boys senses you measuring -DON’T do this, DON’T do that, DO this, DO that, NEVER,NEVER,NEVER..- any reason for him to be interested?

thats not fair zeeskite- youre taking it out of context. were just saying out of bad dates what bothered us. not nice at all

todahrabba – Never once has a guy asked for a all about singles dating service pa bubbly entertaining girl in my experience. and as for isn’t there more to a girl than personality… there may be but I think it’s definitely something appropriate to ask for, if you know you need a particular personality!

Why is it when a girl/woman such a RedNails has a “list” of what she is expecting and looknig for she is “demanding”?

How about the boys/men who will only date girls/women who are size 0-2 and they are obese and slovenly? What is good for the gander is most certainly good for the geese.

Ladies, if your date is calling his parents to let them know he arrived at your house RUN. You will always come sencond.

If he doesn’t make you feel special from the first date, he never will.

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