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(not impressive)APPLIES TO BOTH

3)Bring 2 umbrellas if its raining MANY GUYS DONT USE UMBRELLAS, LADIES BRING YOUR OWN

4)Keep tissues and some food and drinks in the car THE CAR IS NOT A SNACK BAR

5)Know that it is hard for girls to walk over the grates in the streets if they are wearing heels, they get stuck. Same applies to a boardwalk.GIRLS, WEAR A COMFORTABLE SHOE AS WELL AS A NICE LOOKING ONE, STILLETTOS ARE NOT TZNIUSDIK ANYWAY

6)If you plan on taking the girl out to eat let her know. She is not sure if u plan on taking her so she is not sure if she should eat supper b4 or not SHOULD BE DISCUSSED BY BOTH PARTIES

7)AND if you plan on going milchigs, even 2 stop in starbucks, let her know. she mite have eaten fleishig supper since she didnt know food was on the agenda SHOULD BE DISCUSSED BY BOTH PARTIES

8) No one likes to meet half of their friends when they go out so take them someone different or at least not a few blocks away SHOULD BE DISCUSSED BY BOTH PARTIES

1)Drop the girl off 3 houses away and then zoom off b4 she even gets to her house (true story) 100% AGREED!

2)Order ur own dessert while the girl is still eating her main AGREED

3)Dont beg the lounge to let you come in even if there’s no room. Or try to bring drinks down to chairs that are in an area where they dont let you bring them and then beg them to let u just drink them there.

5)If u see ur friend dont go over and shmooze 4 ten minutes, its not polite APPLIES TO BOTH

6)Do Not tell ur date that u just got ur license, its not impressive, its concerning to be in the car with u!

One thing I always believed to be kosher on a date is to never beep the horn and wait for her to come out. Instead, ring the bell, and greet her, and allentown high end dating service when you take her home, escort her to the door.

Boy (or ..) am I happy I got married before (or b4) all these complications set in.

(I wrote this on a different thread but I think it’s important to say the same thing here.)

Hashem created the world that way. Woman (even if they’re not committed to him yet) try to “fix” their men. etc

Not only that women will analyze things that guys never in a million years think are important or relevant.

When my wife and I were dating I scratched my nose allentown bethlehem dating group after I said something (because it ITCHED). She thought I was communicating some kind of distaste for her. She proceeded to go home and talk about and analyze it with her friend for THREE HOURS! I of course wasn’t even aware that anything had happened to begin with.

Now men on the other hand don’t want to be fixed.

If you ask a woman what her faults are she will give you a long list of what she has to work on (another thing that Hashem created women with – they walk around with this idea of the “Perfect Woman” – who doesn’t exist by the way – and compare everything they do to what “she” would do.

Guys don’t give it a second thought – but their wives allforeign brides dating service sure know what they have to work on!

Also VERY IMPORTANT FOR GUYS TO KNOW. I guarantee you she already knows whatever fault you think you’ve seen.

What she needs is for you to love and accept her AS SHE IS!

This is of course the great test of marriage – but when used correctly for both husband and wife they can grow closer then any other relationship imaginable.

RedNails19 – do you have a list for the girls too, i sure would love to see it!!

sorry, but i dont buy this thread, there is a lot of men bashing going on here, much of what was written is basic common sense anyway and if a guy doesnt have basic common sense, then just dont say hello to him again.

RedNails19: most of what you write applies to the fairer sex too. i dated somone not so far back, she came direct from work, hot, sweaty, hair was a mess….. yes, i didnt say hi to her since.

about holding the door, well this is an old kvetch of mine, but MEN GO FIRST, that is the tzinusdig halachik was to go.

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