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yes, abviously after going through, you make sure the door stays open for her too!!

ZeesKeit, i liked what you wrote, you should not have apologized you were right on most counts.

dont talk about money, agreed, but hey girls, not every guy is a Rothschild.

so go easy on him, offer to pay your own dinner (BTW, i never accept the offer but i take note when a woman offers) i dated somone who was telling me when to take her to resturants, it started getting expensive.

and if a guy slips. he may still just make a good husband.

but if any of you take the entire above checklist and check your date, well, sorry to say this but at 80 yo will still be writing here about looking for the guy who gets it right.

may each and every one of us be Zocheh to find his/her other/better half soon and live happily ever after.

hi “mewho”, thanks for analyzing my post. Just wanna let u know a few things:

1)Even small kitten heels (1/4 -1/2 inch high) which are very tznius and comfortable CAN get stuck in grates on the street also!! (I do not wear stillettos, and dont understand how anyone can physically walk in them.)

2)True that girls shouldnt text, and should say thanks u…but i am a girl here, therefore i only went out with guys, and we’re posting on a thread giving info 2 guys on wat to do and not to do.

3)When u r still going thru the shaddchan u dont always make up with the boy wat to do on ur dates. Many times the boys decide and let u know once ur in the car together.

4)And even if guys dont use umbrellas, the fact that they bring one for the girl if its raining or if there is a chance of rain SHOWS that they are considerate and will be a considerate husband. Expecting the girl to know guys dont use them and expect them to bring their own already indicates wat type of husband they will make.

5)I didnt say to turn ur car into a snack bar, but i thought it was very sweet and thoughtful when a guy saw wat drink i ordered on the first date and had it waiting 4 me in the car on our second date. And a different guy who asked me wat type of food i like, and on the next date he had it waiting in the car. Its not a must, but if u wanna show the girl that u are a sweet, sensitive, and intuned type of guy, that would b my suggestion.

Hey if u dont like my suggestions dont use them, i am just sharing my thoughts from my experience. and no need to rip everything everyone says apart.

actually i am female as well and married for 25+ years. bli ayin hora.

my responses earlier were with regard to the earlier list. i feel that in most cases the rules should apply to both the girl and the guy.

i still wear heels on occassion and i am careful where i walk. if you dont know where youre going on a all dating sites in canada only date, then wear shoes that wont get stuck anyway.

again, with regard to the car, once my kids passed the younger years i did not keep all dating sites snacks in the car.

by the way, for the sweet and sensitive guys who did stock your drink or snack, what did they do wrong that you are not dating them anymore?

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