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On okcupid you could say “accept ‘no’ or ‘either way is fine’, and the answer is only a little important.” On eharmony it would highlight that you both said “I MUST initiate!” as compatibility. And on okcupid it’s also possible to go straight to “unacceptable answers”, and see if there are any non-starters. Plus you can re-answer a question right in the results, very convenient when their answer makes you realize you marked something wrong.

Christian Mingle, is an ok site, but I find that their matching system is flawed. They often give you matches that don’t really coincide with your match criteria. I set my match criteria and set much of it to “very important” and they often give me matches that don’t match my criteria at all. (I’m not trying to write a rant, so if it sounds like one then I apologize.) I’ve been a member of the site for almost a year now, and have decided to stop my membership, because the site doesn’t often serve the purpose and it seems that most of the people on the site don’t are just trying it because someone talked them into it and so they have a profile on the site but that’s about it or they claim to be just looking for friends. The site is mostly frustrating because you can hardly get any one to respond to an email, or any other form of communication.

Christian mingle is a racist ally sheffield sex online dating and discriminative site.

It’s frustrating knowing they call themselves Christians.

I have found that there are a lot of people on their after casual sex.

Def not something that we are after as Christians

I am a member of christianmingle right now, I am in Calgary , when i got in, now I find out there are very few members in my city, and all the mails from states. So, it seems a waste of money.

I’m a Christian but after 2 months of being on 2 sites (Christian Mingle and ChristianConnection) I’ve found a big problem with it all. I’m what you call ‘Just Christian’. Though once a regular church goer, my attendance has dwindled to several appearances a year due to work and other issues, but I lead my life based on God’s principles, regularly pray for others and generally try to be a nice guy.

I’ve had a lot of interest from people in my 2 months on these sites and have got to know a few people and been on 3 dates. I probably tick most peoples boxes (or so I’ve been told) of being quite good looking, own house, car, financially solid, good sense of humour, over 6′ tall, funny, like walks in the countryside but also like going to a rock gig and I’m accepting of just about anyone. However here is the problem with Christian dating sites. Most people on them hang their colours to a particular church/denomination. Even having been on a date and someone verifying that you tick all of their boxes, if you aren’t ‘into it’ as much as these people think you should be then you aren’t what they are looking for. Likewise if you attend a church that is not currently the same church as allentown high end dating service the other person attends then they aren’t interested. The other person could have had a string of marriages/partners, be covered in tattoos, have drunk like a fish, smoked like a chimney and taken every drug under the sun, allforeign brides dating service if they have now joined a church in the last few years or even months and are now what they consider a ‘born again Christian’ then they will think you aren’t good enough for them because you’ve accepted your sins and mistakes and learnt by them, rather than brushed them under the carpet, put on a new uniform and forgotten that you ever did anything allforeign bride dating service wrong.

Another thing with Christian dating sites, it’s a bit like going on a website for football supporters.

Everyone shares the same fondness of the game but there’s no way a Liverpool fan is going to convince a Manchester United fan to start attend Man U’s home games at Old Trafford with them.

It does not surprise me at all to hear that Christian dating sites have statistically the lowest success rate of all dating sites in generating meaningful relationships.

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