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Everyone wants to spend more time working, education, but not to stay alone. A lot of people just by their modesty can not overcome the feeling of fear of meeting new people. To help overcome these problems and established dating sites.

Our site will help you find new friends and perhaps the man with whom was destined to go on throughout life. Our site is not limited to the expanses of the United States. There are many people who live abroad and they have friends in the United States, and our website allows you to find long-forgotten old friends. So do not doubt - always leave your details on our website. After all, who knows, perhaps it is here that you will find your soul mate, without which it is so bad and lonely. Make a lot of smiles and happiness in their lives, because we are all so worth it!

Okay, you want to know which are the top dating sites in the US, and you're probably looking for a top 10 type list -- but back-up for a moment.

If you search at your favorite search engine you'll find seemingly endless top 10 dating sites lists, but here's the thing, they are all different from each other!

Why? These 'top dating sites in USA' lists are and dating sites all different from each other because different webmasters have different ideas about what makes a top dating site. Some will go for asian and american dating edicate the sites with the most members, others will favour the functionality of the site, yet others will list those that give them the highest commissions if you buy through their link.

We at have a different approach to many. Since 1999 we've been searching the web for the best dating resources, as well as producing our own.

We do have our top ten list, but our ideas about which are the top dating sites are based on a number of criteria, but first and foremost we stress your protection. There are certain necessary things that any web site looking for the title of one of the top dating sites must have, in our opinion. These include:

There are not a lot of sites among others 'top dating sites' lists that can claim all of these, but can, and this is why it is our personal recommendation as one of the top dating sites in USA.

Go to and read their FAQs, then browse the profiles and decide for yourself. To make it easier for you to begin, with the permission of PenPalsPlanet (and their parent body ) we have included a way to search their profiles right from this page: the search panel above right.

Go to what we rate as one of the

PenPalsPlanet is quick and easy to use, and it's much safer than most. Just select from the drop-down menus below, then click the 'Go to Profiles' button. You will be taken at once to the profiles of your choice:

This page is for identifying what is or could be the top dating sites in USA.

The features list here also represent our nominated criteria for how to identify one of the real top 10 dating sites in USA, as we believe these criteria go a long way towards identifying the best web sites of this kind.

Which are the top dating sites in USA for Christians?

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