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Early during my employment, we deleted a man who had sent three hundred messages in one day, all of which were the same graphic description of him masturbating to the recipient’s pictures. Two hundred and ninety of the women ignored him, nine told him to fuck off in so many words, and one wrote back, “Well sir, you certainly know how to turn a girl on. I look forward to more.”

Dating is a numbers game. The bigger your numbers, the better the odds, and no matter who you are, you will eventually run across someone who wants you, and especially you, regardless of your height (if you’re a man) or weight (woman) or how inscrutably awful your game is (idiots, assholes, psychos).

This strength carries the same risks as anything else provided in abundance, namely saturation and addiction. In rare moments of self-control, I’ve deleted online dating account, for the same reason I’ve cut back drinking and hitting on people in bars; eventually, it feels like grazing, or to use a metaphor further up the food chain, going to a cattle market. But I reject completely the notion that the internet had anything to do with this depersonalization of intimacy. It comes from sleeping with too many people, and just because the internet offers other forms of depersonalization doesn’t mean its the internet’s fault that you can’t remember all the names of all the people you have to call after a shitty day at Planned Parenthood.

Dating sites are to dating as any other information technology is to the the aspect of life it’s meant to enhance: they increase efficiency. 8 [8] People confuse their dreams of eternal romance with step one, which is meeting available mates. This is largely because people often secretly believe in love at first sight, fate, perfect couples, and all that other bullshit. 9 [9] Dating sites make meeting other single people more efficient.

They serve no other purpose, whether or not they think or claim to.

The vague claims they make are best ignored. eHarmony, aside from being evil, is a personality matching machine for producing heterosexual Christian marriages. 10 alternative lifestyles dating [10] If you’re not heterosexual or Christian, do you want to take a love test for those who are? My eHarmony account has recommended fifteen 30 year-old single mothers, all of whom smoke and live in Pennsylvanian suburbs.

OkCupid seems to do better with its user generated compatibility, but has a tragic flaw: do you really want someone who’s just like you?

Do you even want someone who’s everything you say you want?

I’m deeply infatuated with myself, but I imagine dating me is a trial and I would never risk it, and I tend not to like people who like the things I do, or even those who ostensibly share my views. No, for the most part we’re still in regular old, non-algorithmic territory.

There is one, small advantage of a dating site over normal dating. The people who are most afraid of appearing desperate tend to be the ones who are desperate, and the people who dismiss everybody who isn’t getting laid whenever they want as desperate are vapid. Neither of these types of people join dating websites, so you can instantly cut out a vast swath of annoying personalities.

3 than your poorly masked fear of your hometown high school friends finding your profile and calling you up to laugh at you.

6 If you don’t know, “cam whore” is a highly technical asian and american dating edicate term for a forty year-old man running online striptease sites, who create fake profiles with pictures of their models to entice subscribers.

7 If it’s neither of these, your idea is probably just stupid, so keep it to yourself.

8 Ideally, that is. I’ve never seen a code base that wasn’t a map of pain with an X over a beast whose primary purpose is to consume man hours and hair pigment. Sometimes I think the future is here, sometimes I think it will never come.

9 They must also believe in retroactive destiny caveats, because if you believe there really is one perfect mate out there, you should be scouring every dating site in the world to find them, so there must be a mechanism that undoes fate if you happen to meet said person online.

10 “Atheist” isn’t even an option, the closest you can get is “Non-religious and non-spiritual.”

Online dating in Australia is here to stay.

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