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1.2 You are interested in finding a girl-friend from Ukraine, Russia or other countries.

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2.2 When you asian and american dating edicate register, you must complete the minimum information about you. In order other members of the Site could understand your intentions and goals, we recommend filling in all the information about you in the form on

2.3 Please, note that you must enter a valid email address because you will get a massage from us with instructions on activating your account.

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We can ask you for any additional information if it is necessary. The evaluation of the information is based on the sole personal opinion of the Site administration.

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Such mailing may include e-mail notifications about new members of the site, lists of updates, messages informing you of promotions, discounts etc. You can decline our mailing to your e-mail without any explanation by choosing the next option on your personal page.

3.1 We reserve the right to immediately terminate your membership if you breach one or more provisions of the Agreement. We reserve the right to take further actions if your violation triggered our financial and moral losses or losses of other members of our website. You will not be entitled to a refund of any used arkansas dating singles and / or unused funds in case of any breach of this Agreement.

3.2 You may terminate your membership at any time for any reason. Running this procedure is carried out by the site administration upon your written or email request for termination. Any unused funds may be paid back to you in accordance with the provisions of "Refund Policy".

3.3 We charge for the range of dating services we provide and do not refund money if the Site Services are disabled or upgraded.

We reserve the right to discontinue the Site at any time without giving reasons and explanations.

3.4 If you cancel your membership on the Site, your profile will be removed. You will be able to restore your profile in the course of 3 years from the cancellation. To restore your profile, login andorra dating to your account and resume the use of the Site Services. If a technical restoration is not available you will be recommended to re-register.


In case if the using of alternative singles dating in sacramento our website was terminated, that means You are not our customer any more, any of your complaints will not be considered.

By completing the registration process for you hereby agree to

4.1 have only one account of membership on this Site, and to use it personally.

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