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"We check their Facebook profiles, their LinkedIn profiles and finally when we meet them in person is when we decide if the person should be a member or not." Truly Madly also verifies identity, though they don't go as far as requiring in-person interviews.

Sirf Coffee also interviews clients in person, and Hiranandani says that if a client can not come for a personal meeting, then they arrange a Skype interview.

According to him, "the purpose of the interview is to ensure we are bringing on board a 'matchable' client. Folks that have strong character, interesting backgrounds, a positive attitude, and a genuine intention of dating to get married."

The model is continuing to develop; this is a business which has not really taken off in India yet, and the various players are still working things out.

"We don't have foreigners yet on our site [Footloose No More], so we would want to look into that," says Agnihotri.

"We are also launching a mobile app." Hiranandani also believes that the model at Sirf Coffee can lead to growth outside cities like Mumbai, and he says Chandigarh and Ahmedabad are next on his list. Truly Madly has similar plans, with iOS and Android apps on the card, as its looks expand to other cities.

"The whole idea is to get more and more people involved and remove this fear and stigma associated with online dating," says Kumar. "And the more we reach out the alternative people dating easier it will be."

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Before you sign up for your first online dating experience, consider what (who) you are looking for and how you are going to accomplish that.

The more you can narrow down your preferences, the easier it will be to target the specific type of person or dating service you should go for.

Don’t just go along for the ride. Finding a partner is life changing and should not be approached lightly. Get a plan and stick to it!

As you start alternative online dating your online dating experience take a moment to reflect on who you are and what you have to offer.

Work you way through the best of you list again and become clear about your best traits. Fall in love with yourself.

When you feel good about yourself, you will start to see yourself in a different light and your behavior-patterns will change accordingly. Always remember that you are valuable and you are so unique that there is only one of you.

Take another look at your partner-wish-list to remind yourself of the qualities you want and need in a partner. As you work your way through the profiles available on the dating sites keep on referring back to your partner list. You know what you want – is the person behind the profile you are looking at, a match for the partner you want?

Keep in mind that nobody is perfect and that you will have to compromise on some things. Search for someone that will match at least 80% of your partner wish-list.

Before you add your profile to an online dating site, visit a few sites and do a search of people in your age-group to see who is available. You will very quickly realize that there are a wide variety of people taking part in online dating.

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