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Please use caution and common sense when using the Site and the Services. Your interactions with females, whose profiles are posted on this Site, are solely at your own risk.

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4.13 Upon the termination of your membership, you agree that you will not have access to all the Site Services from the date of termination and you will not have any claims if further communication with a lady from our website fails.

5.1 You acknowledge and agree that the form and nature of the Services provided by may change from time to time without prior notice. You agree to pay for the specified Site Services, such as sending mail, live chat and videochat time . You acknowledge and agree that your account credits are charged correctly. We may change or discontinue any Services or features at any time and without notice. We can american online singles dating clubs set new rules for Services existing on the Site.

5.2 You agree to pay us the full cost of paid services that are used from your account, regardless of whether they were used by you or any american singles chemistry online dating other person, with or without american dating websites online your consent.

5.3.1 You clearly know the way our e-mail Service functions and are informed of the charge for this Service.

5.3.2 When you send an e-mail message, the credits will be withdrawn from your account automatically in accordance with the tariff plan for paid services. If you have a suspicion of spam one or more members of the site send you, you can file a complaint to our User Support service.

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5.3.4 You will use the Site Services within any applicable laws and regulations.

5.3.5 If you want to develop friendship, not long-terms relations, with a lady on our site, please make your intentions as clear as possible.

6.1 An online internal payment unit on the Site is called a Credit

6.2 You pay for certain services on our Site in credits.

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