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While many people still believe interracial relationships are some sort of rare novelty or just a niche group, statistics continue to show rates of interracial relationships and marriages ticking upward.

Several of us open to love in any color have asian and american dating edicate found supportive resources (i.e. Facebook or Meetup groups, interracial dating sites, etc) in our quest for character over color. Since we have so many new folks – men and women, as well as veterans who may want to go in a different direction, let’s share! What are some of the best sites out there for black women open to interracial dating? Despite the negativity about black women dating out or being “unwanted,” there are men of all races who think we are divine. Feel free to share links and any experiences you’ve had in the comments.

Thank you; I’m currently online dating on three sites: Plenty of fish, afroromance and and so far no luck. It hasn’t been very long though; so it’s worth the patience.

tumblr: Black Women Asian Men (with links to meet up groups around the U.S.)

Swirlgirl28 Me too, Swirlgirl. Figured I’d take the plunge again in 2014 to see if this time I meet my man. Last time I met a nice gentleman through, but it was a friendship, not romance. So keep the faith and I hope we BOTH discover what we’ve been longing for – sweet, loving, strong men that think the world of US, and we treat ’em with all the loving we have inside!

Thank you for the information.

Does anyone know of any events in the Chicagoland area?

I have used some of the online dating sites but still pretty difficult.

KlassyLady if you like Asian men, there’s a meet up group there:

that tumblr I posted below has links to several meet up groups across the US 🙂

Swirlgirl28 I am going to try again as well. I have tried interracialmatch and afroromance in the past with no luck 🙁 I have not had any luck with online dating in awhile.

I’ve tried a few dating sites but I still havent had any luck. It really sucks.

I’ve tried online dating but have had 0 luck, unless creepers count :/ …..One antique dating of my friends met his wife on eharmony ( she was one of his first matches sent, and she had 2 weeks until her membership expired). He keeps antique dating with science trying to get me to do it But after having tried a couple of them, I opt out….kind of..I am on okcupid; its entertaining at least …you answer a ton of questions in an effort to be “matched more effectively” but really anthropomorphic dating behavior it’s just fun to see what answers are given…then the site will send you a report on the “best” and “worst” states and countries for you to find love….seems pretty accurate too, it said TN was one of my worst..glad that’s home….(insert Daria face).

KlassyLadySwirlgirl28I too am on afroromance and and there are lots of guys but I’ve had no luck and have been on both since Aug 2013. I have talked to a few from match but haven’t met up with anyone yet. All have initially contacted me but never follow thru with a met up or more conversation over the phone despite our talks being great! Don’t mean to be debbie downer but I will not be renewing any online services I paid for because it hasn’t yielded any good fruit and I just always wonder about those that have had luck.

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