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I feel most of the men on there are not serious and hide behind profiles never intending to actually meet anyone but then I think why would someone drop money to be about nothing on these sites.

KimM78KlassyLadySwirlgirl28I could have wrote this; this is EXACTLY why I didn’t want to shell out any money. It’s really tough to find like-minded guys who don’t have that bandwagon mentality who won’t look at anyone who’s not a cookie-cutter “dime.” Turning 40 isn’t helping. I’ll leave the profiles out there, but replies are few and far between, and, because of where I am, the local matches selected for me are the exact opposite of what I’m looking for.

I met my fiancé online 2 years ago I am a BBW who loves the skin I am in. I am a size 18 and I wanted to joint a website where men could embrace my curves as I do. Well, I noticed this man who looked at my profile (three times) and I decided to send him an email and ask him why didn’t he say hi. Long story short, I sent him an email saying just that and he responded right away.

He said whenever he signed in he would look at my pictures (full body pictures) and wondering why I was on the site (some women play games).

He said I was too attractive to antique dating with science be on a dating website. We sent emails to each other all day which turned into night. We eventually left the site after about a week of constantly emailing each other. We went on Yahoo and the rest is history.

I asked if I had not initiated sending an email would he have reached out and he said no. He was afraid of asian and american dating edicate rejection so he didn’t feel comfortable. He said that I was the first BW he was interested in and he didn’t know how to approach. I told him we are anglo indian dating not of a different species the same why you would approach any woman. (smile) He is in the process of planning our wedding (I didn’t want a big wedding and he does so I gave him the job). Well, based on our success there are a large number of his troops who are now interesting in finding love outside their race. My fiancé is in the military so you can imagine all the questions we have and what can they do to find love? Our relationship has changed the thinking of so many men who never thought about dating outside their race. So ladies my advice to you if you see someone who interest you send an email and see what happens.

Lovely story and good advice. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage.

I date online almost exclusively and its really worked out niely for me.Not that Im against picking up guys IRL but non black men who are into plkus size BW(me) tend to be super shy and not sure they have a chance.And I have what you call perma bitch face lol But I date online and I usually only get messages from White men and then latino men from NY…lol not sure sure why NY but yeah lol

cocopuffdnw Your story sound exactly like mine. I’ve tried just as many sites, if not more and I all I seem to attract are the creepers. I must have something invisible written on my forehead because I just cannot explain it.

I’ve pretty much all but given up.

There just don’t seem to be enough matches in my city on any site I join.

I’ve been single coming up on 3 years. I haven’t even been on a date in over a year. I’ve been on and off more than anthropomorphic dating behavior 12 dating sites in the past 2 years, with 0 luck.

I find myself more attracted to white and Asian men than black men, but have dated all in the past. Men rarely approach me (aside from the rude “damn you got some big tits” kind of men. ) I’ve tried approaching men myself in the past, but usually they aren’t interested.

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