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It has by far exceeded my expectations and their are one or two women that I would not mind meeting in person at some point.

A: I have had women contact me from the age of 19 - 42 [I am 32]. I think the fact that I am close to the age of women in their late 20's and early 30's is appealing to many women. Some women are highly educated, while others have only a high school education. A slight arab lounge online dating personals majority do not have children although I have been contacted by many women with children as well. I have been contacted by engineers, teachers, doctors, shop girls and "housewives".

I think that those women in their late 20's or early 30's that are unmarried, may still be considered "Old Maids" in your country. In America people are getting married at later, and later ages, so it is not a problem. Many of the women (particularly those in their early 30's) who are unmarried have remained unmarried for a reason. I think that they are more concerned with marrying the right man for them, than they are an online dating carnival for just getting married.

They are potentially based on that fact, more open to communicating with me.

Q: What is Russian women position about interracial marriages (in your opinion)?

A: I think like in most countries, it takes a certain type of person to consider an interracial relationship. Their are still social stigmas that exist in the world, and a great number of nosy people who feel it is their business to but into the affairs of others.

With all of the difficulties in life and with such a high divorce rate, some would say that an interracial relationship is just adding fuel to the fire. Others would see in such a relationship a tremendous opportunity for diversity of experience. Many women have told me explicitly that race is not an issue for them.

I would differentiate between the women who have contacted me, and the women I have contacted. The women who have contacted me have seen my photograph so they are aware right up front that I am a person of color.

Some women are writing me perhaps merely out of initial interest or curiosity. This is actually okay with me, as I barely have enough time to correspond with more than a few anyway.

One thing I did do, was purchase Anatoly Neverov's "Russian Women Speak" CD-Rom.

A group of women are asked questions about western men, and question specifically addressed the issue of race. When queried about race, most women said that they were looking for a "White" man. As the discussion continue however, when asked about men of color from the United States, they all made an exception and said it would depend. I think America is viewed as a very similar country due to its European articles about online dating origin. For those women interested in men of color, I believe that they would look first to America as a viable option.

Anatoly however mentions that he has seen several women choose men of color from other parts of the world. I guess at the end of the day, it all comes down to individual choice.

Some women may see me as a "colored" American, while others may view me as an American who happens to be colored.

I have not had a tremendous amount of success in contacting women directly (although I am in a deep conversation with a young woman at another agency who I did contact). Typically I would say, only 1 in 10 actually reply to me. Of these only 50% who reply continue for more than one or two emails.

Part of it may have to do with race, part of it may have to do with them being overloaded with other emails. I also think that many of these women are being flooded with inquiries from men, whereas the ones who have chosen to contact me have made an active decision to do this.

arizona online dating Q: Do you think it will work for somebody else (a black or colored guy)?

A: For men of color interested in meeting women in Russia, I would highly recommend that they consider placing an advertisement along with their photograph as their primary means of generating interest. I would also highly recommend your service as having the best value, being the most affordable and of the highest quality. My belief is that it is best to pursue women that have an interest in reciprocating, rather than chasing women who have no interest. Your fee is reasonable and although results will vary from person to person, I believe that it is a reasonable way to test the waters.

I have already decided that if things do not work out for me this time around, that I will wait a few months and then most likely run another profile with you in a few months.

My final word of advice to another Black/Colored gentleman would be, that there is only one way to find out how Russian women will react and that is to take a chance and run your profile.

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