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I'm sure you chose your husband based on his personality and character traits, not his skin color, and that he chose you for the same reasons.

It's rather fortunate that neither of you limited your options based on wanting someone based on skin tone.

The pool of available mates opens up greatly when you don't choose based on arbitrary attributes.

My ex and I used to discuss this topic when we were a couple (black male, white female) and he always used to say that the reason he didn't date women who thought like that was not because they were black, but because they were narrow minded. The irony of it is that he's currently single, but he's got two strikes against him according to this info graphic, but he's still a great catch (just not for me). Oh, and his last GF was black.

That was an awesome post. I thought the same thing when reading it: where did they cut out the men already married to anyone? Also, I would like to suggest that just because a Black man marries or dates a white woman once doesn't mean that he is against having a relationship with a Black woman at all. Maybe the man just sees more than color in his dating choices. Maybe he will date a Black girl next time.

And Orchid makes a good point. The question should never be "where are all the good Black men," but "where are all the good men" when it comes to choosing a partner.

However, the very last statistic that only 1/3 of Black children live with their biological fathers was pretty heartbreaking.

You're right. In fact, I think that's what makes me so frustrated with this infographic. All of these statistics point to larger systemic issues.

Could it be because they are prosecuted at higher rates and sentenced to harsher punishments for the same crimes as white men? Isn't THAT the part of this problem that needs talking about? But instead this infographic takes statistics that point to real problems in people's lives and uses watered down versions of them to create a false "crisis" to drum up traffic. That's shameful.

i think you handled this way more fairly than i would have. i couldn't get past the first assumption: that EVERY one of the 100 black women requires EVERY one of the mentioned criteria in the same person.

So I was pretty much finished with it on slide one. For every slide, we'd need to know how many women care about the current criteria in addition to the previous ones. Leaving that bit of information out is antique pitcher classification dating why the woman's side of the binary never changes. They don't appear to have data for that, but rather, applied "common" desires of black women to all black women then assumed they all want all of the qualities together in the same person.

I found anti social dating it to be a completely racist representation of black men as inadequate.

"I found it to be a completely racist representation of black men as inadequate." Yes!

And that it's put together by a dating website .

it's really disturbing.

Great point - this infographic comes across as saying "black men have a lot of problems," with nothing that speaks to WHY the percentages may be higher for black men than for other demographics.

A very balanced approach, Balancing Jane.

;) Seriously though, you did a great job dissecting this. Another flaw in the infographic is the assumption that the 9 criteria they use don't overlap at all - for instance, the men who make asian and american dating edicate less than $30K are a different set than those who have not earned a high school diploma/GED. They've assumed the categories are distinct, which is surely not the case.

Google doesn't care if you don't like the infographic; you've still linked to it and added to that site's credibility with the search engines. Add nofollow="true" to your HTML A tag to reduce the chance that Google actually makes the site rank higher thanks to your denouncing it.

Thanks for the HTML tip.

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