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I'm disagreeing with you, but I'll do so respectfully. I'm not one to be like a troll.

Whenever a study is conducted, people usually have a control. The standard where they will measure everything else. I think the standard here is that most people prefer to marry and date within their own race. Not just black people, all other groups show this pattern as well and have for centuries.

Marrying the opposite gender in their group becasue thats who they know the most and whom they feel most comfortable with. Hence looking at the various aspects that might prevent one gender from pairing up with the other gender are important. Given that this is about black people marrying each other, I'm guessing that eliminating all married men, i.e those from other groups as well would not be helpfull, because the theory is that people prefer to marry within their own race, hence black women with black men. Hence married black men are the only men who are going to make any differnce in the marriage options for black women.

Married black men who are especially married to white women is going to read as men unavailable to marry black women. Given that he is not single and the women who want him are black, it will stand that if he married a white woman he may not want a black one.

You pointed out that just because he married a white women doesn't mean he wont marry a black or any other women for that matter. But that is exactly why these men must be left out; because there is no way of telling. There is no "guarntee" that such a man would date a black woman. Its all circumstancial, he may divorce as well as he might not. Given that women are jusdged on the physical and the physical sometimes asian and american dating edicate transfers into race, then no one can tell for sure that this man would date a black woman.

But just to put it in laymans terms. I don't think telling women to hope pray and wish that a man married outside his race leaves his wife to marry her or atleast not exclude him "just yet" is exactly right. Asking that these women do so, so that you wont feel "bad" is a bit assanine. Sorry you read this as being relationships like yours. You speak as though you are verse on white priviledge.

( gulp) white guilt :-(

Disagreeing with me certainly isn't trolling, and I have absolutely no problem with you doing so.

I certainly won't say that I never feel white guilt (I do), but in this case, white guilt has nothing to do with the fact that this chart is very poorly created with many, many flaws.

I think the author of this piece of 'misinformation' is asking the reader to assume that since 8.5% of black men are married to white women, then that implies that 8.5% of single black men are seeking to marry white women.

It is a ridiculous jump, and I'm not sure there is a statistically valid method to determine the number of (single) black men seeking white women based on the current number of black-man-white-woman marriages.

bitch keep dreaming only 2% of black men marry outside their race and .9% of are to white women 98% of black men are married to black women and 84% black men are wealth marry you guess it black women sorry i don't no where you're pulling these number your ass i guess and look out for your tenth year of marry because 98% of marriage between white women and black men end by then i know my husband left his white wife from me i am black if you did not guess antique bottle dating coke yet who and she hate my nappy head ass her words not mine but funny thing is she have to black daughter lol you white women make me laugh stop believe black men when they say they don't date black women their will tell you anything to get in your pants my husband don't date black at lease that what he told her lol

You're being dishonest Phoebe.

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