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All users had to go through a manual approval process where other site users would vote if they were attractive enough to join the site.

In 2009, BeautifulPeople operators were bragging about rejecting 1.8 million from their site. Also, as people aged, lost hair, or gained weight, the website's staff also regularly removed members deemed not beautiful enough.

If you're not willing to do whatever it takes to get solid photos for your profile that create a stunning impression, do me a favor and stop reading this article right now, because youve already lost the internet dating game. So, why are quality profile photos so crucial?

Believe it or not, women are also highly VISUAL creatures. Although your online communication can make you appear more or less attractive in her eyes (without her even knowing it), she DOES care that you have a decent appearance and youre a clean, healthy dude. data indicates that a woman is about 8.5 times more likely to visit a profile that has at least one photo than one that does not. Without doubt our dating agents have proven the ACTUAL number is far greater than that. Bottom line: not having solid photos KILLS your chances of getting a date.

Any one of our online dating coaches will tell you that from a physical point of view, your primary photo is your first impression, and every photo that follows it counts, too. Ive told this piece of advice hundreds of are andrews and maksim chmerkovskiy dating times behind the scenes, and it bears repeating so much that Mens Health even quoted me on it

The statement is bold because it has to be to drive this point home: Without solid profile photos that show you at your best, you are dead in the water. I can teach you all the message and profile tricks in the book, but if your profile photos are of poor quality, youll communicate all the wrong things to women and destroy your chances with most of them.

Our dating consultants have discovered tons of ways to improve your photos, few of which are all that difficult. Just a couple little tricks can make you appear at least twice as attractive to women, and that's even if you have a face for radio.

Here are a couple simple key steps to improving the effectiveness of your photos:

Women want to see your face and get a good idea about what you look like in real life.

They also want to see you in your element doing the things you love (but you can read more about that in Click Magnet).

What most men dont realize is that the camera they use and the way they use it can make them look exponentially more or less attractive in their photos. Case in point, the nerds over at OkCupid published a web amy madison dating site article called Dont Be Ugly By Accident! that details a recent experiment of theirs.

They collected 552,000 example profile pictures, divided them into pairs, and then asked users to make snap judgments about who they would rather date. They then collated these millions of judgments with the time of day each picture was taken, what the shutter speed was, and so on.

Almost all modern cameras embed this stuff in a special header, called EXIF data. After that, these kick-ass nerds graphed their findings.

But enough nerdgasming heres what you need to know: Whenever possible, use a camera with an interchangeable lens, and never, EVER use a flash.

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