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I am not an angry person, and I am not interested in someone that is.

Having past events shape your life is one thing, carrying the past as a burden that sits heavily upon your shoulders is not the way i view life. I am happy with myself, and my life, and I like to think it shows.

I would do the best with someone that isn't extremely up.

Looking for: I am romantic, caring, faithful, jealous of what i love. i hope to find and meet a man to fall in love with.clever, communicative, honest and ready for commitments but also i would like hhim to be sweet,supportive, faithful, caring, comprehensive, family lover, elegant,cheerful. With whom plan her future, a nice family with strong feelings.

am a simple person loving an caring am person of her words and God fearing and educatied person

Looking for: respectful God fearing caring ,loving and kind people a descent person

Hi, am kerry am very apropriate dating age friendly, easygoing, kind honest, loyal, hardworking individual..I am very adventurous and willing to try new things, I am caring and good listener, a big comforter, genuine person. Greatest accomplishment was starting my own business , closed for now but I and proud that I tried.

So that tells you I am hardworking and self motivated. I love to travel excited to see new places, would love to travel more if I could.

Looking for: Looking for honest guy, for long term relationship or marriage, must be honest, fun and loyal, be yourself. Love someone who doesn't take him self seriously and have a kind heart. A good human being which is hard to come by these days.

Life Dream: To achieve my goals in life that is continue my study.

I am the type of a person who always willing to learn new things, acquire new skill and knowledge. I am an open minded person, adoptable, flexible and easy to be with. I am strong enough to face any challenge of my life, ive asian and american dating edicate been living by myself for almost 3 years, I am far with my family, ive filled my life with energy and laughter. God, challenge me and taught me things about the world, about people and myself. I have nothing achievement yet, I stopped studied in college because of fin.

Looking for: looking for a caring, pleasant in all respects man not greedy, willing to do anything for his izbrannica

I am very understandin g,open minded with a heart of forgiving,loving and caring with good sense of humor,hard working with cheerful character,honest,sincere,kind,warm and intelligent with good look.I was raised with a strict Christian background and taught from a young age to always respect myself and other people.I still maintains this value wherever I go.

Looking for: I am a very reserved woman and i love to express my self as it comes i do not like keeping much worries in me, I am really down and simple lady seeking for a good and caring man to take care of me and make me a great one..I am really looking for a serious, nice,caring,honest and loving man that will make me great , give me a chance to show my love for him and let me love him and show my feelings for him, the man whom trust in a woman and have faith in each other, a man whom love without .

Godfearing, luving ,caring and gud sense of humor, luv sharing with other and luv the gospel of God

Romantic , full of life and vitality, fun to be with, non racist . I'll love to meet a willing woman who is non racist but accept humanity as one Gods creation

Hello dear, I'm looking for an honest woman, I am very appropriate teen dating age loyal, Serious man, I'm here for real. All of the words I wrote here are true and authentic, they came straight from the heart. One Woman should have all my attention, love and appreciation, I will Always be by her side in good and bad times.

A woman is Very expensive as golden ring that we put in the little red box. I am Very loving, caring and understanding man.I am lovely inside and out single man. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Looking for: . I want my future wife to be intelligent and honest person.she should be affectionate and thoughtful for her man.

Am a humble man,hard april buyer dating working and willing to have no more disapoitments in my life once ready to fall in love what person who is ready to be with me in life of good and bad condition as long as we have got love for each other.

Looking for: Must be loving,beatifuli,honest,and god fearing person

Am a simple gentle an understand person an very humble an nice looking

Easy going, love to read the holy Bible, caring, family oriented and don't like to keep things in mind for long.

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