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The number one app Russians use for online dating is . The app is used for both serious relationships or to find friends.The second most popular Russian dating app is Galaxy. The app includes hundreds of chat rooms, including the option to create your own. There is also a private messaging option, and an option for random chats to meet new people. LovePlanet is the third most popular Russian dating app.

LovePlanet is an international dating app that allows users to play yes, no, maybe to find a match. It also has the option to secret chat, which is recommended for shy users.

ParkFace comes in fourth place as Russias most popular dating app. ParkFace is a social network dating app that is popular for users who live outside of Russian cities. Find Real Love, a premium dating app is the fifth most popular dating app Russians use. It is popular among users who are interested in finding serious relationships.

While a good portion of dating apps don’t have a desktop option for users, some dating apps are married to websites that were originally built before the rise of mobile.

To compare the app rankings, we looked at research by SimilarWeb on Russias most popular sites for relationships and dating. The most popular Russian online dating site is Similar to, the second most popular online dating site is, which is also an online network of independent dating sites. Badoo is the third most popular dating site, and is more of a dating focused social network, rather than a network of independent sites.

Badoo is not exclusive to Russia, but one of the world’s biggest dating sites. It is available in 190 countries, and has 47 different language options. is the fourth most popular dating site in Russia. Loveplanet is the fifth most popular online dating site, which is also and app and is popular for its chat rooms.

The local Russian websites and Badoo have long dominated this market but there has been a lot of space for new apps and options for andy hendrickson comedian dating Russian users to capitalize on the Russian interest in online dating.

A new report says most Americans think online dating is a good way to meet people. Almost 60 per cent of Internet users said there is nothing wrong with trying to find a partner on the Internet.

This has changed from ten years ago when the figure was 44 per cent.

It says around one in ten Americans has used online dating services. It also said 11 per cent of people who started a long-term relationship in the past decade met their partner online. However, some people think the Internet does not help with marriage. Around 32 per cent of people agreed that “online dating keeps people from settling down because they always have options for people to date".

Sociologist Dr Kevin Lewis of the University of California told the USA Today newspaper that women must be careful with online dates. He said: "For women, there are lots of guys who are just creepy or unattractive or undesirable." He also said men can have problems finding a date: "They can't get a woman to respond because [women get] so many messages." Dr Lewis also said that 38 per cent of online daters have read an online profile of someone they knew.

The Pew Report warned people to be careful about those who tell lies about themselves online.

About 54 per cent of online daters said they had a date with someone who was a lot different from their profile.


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