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Exactly 60 minutes after your profile is created it self-destructs, along with all interests, both interests you have received and shown, and communication or chats that resulted from it.

To continue to use the app, you must submit a new profile (aka picture) again for another 60-minute time slot, although the app does conveniently store your recently used photos.

To get the most out of Pure, use it when you’re ready and available to hookup. Unlike other hookup apps that tend to keep you on their platform, Pure promotes cutting to the chase more or less as it encourages your chats with matches to animal lovers dating revolve around exchanging information to continue communication outside of the app or arranging a time and place to meet on the spot. Considering all you know about a match at the time you start chatting is what she posted as a ‘selfie’ - which in testing can be just about anything that isn’t explicit, such as say a plant or a painting - and her location, you may choose to use the chat time to request a little more info or animal lovers online dating photos about her before moving forward.

At any time you can delete your submission and/or view how much remaining time it has before it self-destructs, the latter which helps you navigate how quickly or slowly you should approach chats with matches. Also remember that you will never know how much time remains on her request so the sooner you exchange information the better.

Closing the app doesn’t delete your submission, but if you want to get the most use out of Pure you’ll want to stay on the app as much as possible and to react Yes to members you want a casual hookup with (or at least stay on it for a while and then enable push notifications) in order to increase your chances of finding connecting and planning a hookup with someone within the short 1 hour window. Also worth noting is the requirement you link the Pure app to your mobile wallet, meaning you cannot change your original sign-up preferences pertaining to sexual identity and the app continues to run your profile through your 1-hour profile submission time slot even if you delete the app from your phone.

- No spam and ultra-anonymous postings - Members must mutually match based on very little data about the animal lovers singles dating other person before communicating

- My request timer displays a countdown of much time you have remaining before each submission expires

In many ways, Pure can be seen as a safer version of Tinder from a privacy perspective as only hour after a match is created; the user’s profiles will vanish forever is not stored on the app’s server. Pure’s Privacy Policy notes that the company ‘Takes reasonable steps to protect the Personal Information provided via the Service from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction, but also acknowledges that no Internet data is ever 100% secure, which users should keep mind when using the app.

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