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[Read: Do couples always have to like the same things?]

#9 You’re still attracted to other people. This is quite hard to accept if you’ve convinced yourself that you’ve started dating your perfect life mate.

But there can be no denying the fact–you still find that other people can quite easily catch your eye. This is only natural, and anyone who denies this particular realization probably isn’t telling the whole truth.

#10 You’re in it for the wrong reasons. Sometimes, we hide the truth from ourselves, for whatever reason that may be.

A prime example would be the case of starting a relationship on the rebound. At first, you may think that you’re in it for all the right reasons, but after those first few weeks, you slowly realize the truth–and this is a foundation that needs to be addressed. [Read: 9 reasons you’re still with the wrong partner]

You may experience several realizations about your new partner after the first month. Remember, though: things can always change if they weren’t what you thought they were, and even the best relationships require a hard work.

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Hello ladies, My husband and I have been married 7 years and our 10 year boyfriend/girlfriend anniversary is in January. Anyone else still celebrate your boyfriend/girlfriend anniversary while married? We have literally never celebrated for that anniversary since we been married but I think 10 years being together is so special. We did go out for the day on our 20 year date-iversary.

Same as PP articles on internet dating (previous poster) said, we acknowledge it, but we dont typically do anything. But our date anniversary is also less than month from our wedding anniversary so it doesnt seem necessary to me.

Lol we got married on our 3 year dating anniversary.

It was on a Thursday ??

We acknowledge the big ones. On our ten year dating anniversary, we actually went to the American consulate in Sydney, Australia to do our Visa interviews and on our wedding anniversary (4th), 11 days later, we bought our one way tickets. So that was pretty momentous/ exciting.

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Lol. We've been married for 10+ years, together for 12 and I often forget our wedding anniversary myself. I'm just not the type to celebrate that kind of stuff and neither is my husband so = score!

We actually considered getting married on Valentines Day just to knock two off with one stone.

We started dating 20 years ago and married for 9 years. I totally forgot our anniversary this year.?? I think Ill just articles about internet dating service celebrate the big ones going forward.

We usually celebrate it by going on the same date. So we go get a fancy coffee, talk and head back home to watch movies like we did in high school.

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On November 20th two years ago I sat at a cafe waiting for a guy who was a half hour late for our very first date. But the moment he walked in and we locked eyes all was forgiven. He had this sparkle in his eyes, a warm smile, he was tall and beautiful all I can remember was giggling nervously as he extended his arms for a hug.

We grabbed some tea and sat in the back corner of the cafe and talked for the rest of the evening till we got kicked out because they were closing.

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