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The guy that I met that day with the sparkle in his eyes turned out to be arabic dating site the love of arabian dating sites my life, Drew Anthuny.

Drew and I cherish the memory of our first date so much that we made it a tradition. Every November 20th we must go on a coffee shop date. This past Sunday was our second year- first date anniversary and we went to the Republic of Pie. We shared a Cookies and Cream pie, I sipped on some Blood Orange hot tea and he had a Dulce Latte. We sat in a corner, looked into each other’s eyes and pretended for a few minutes that we were meeting for the first time. As he looked at me I could still see that sparkle in his eyes. We stayed engaged in conversation for the rest of the evening till we got kicked out because they were closing.

Exactly the same way it happened two years ago.

The only difference was that at the end of the night instead of going our separate ways, we headed to our home. The home we’ve shared for the past year.

The celebration wasn’t over there, once we got home we shared a romantic, warm, candle lit milk bath. The warm bubble bath was the perfect finish to the cold, rainy day.

The music was set to old school Italian songs and the sound of rain drops coming from outside just made the night magical. Drew is more of a sweet-red kind of guy and I’m more of a chardonnay kind of gal.

Do you have any traditions with asian and american dating edicate your significant other? The first time you considered yourself in a relationship?

The first time you had sex?

Wedding anniversaries are easy – that’s one specific moment. But if you’re going to commemorate it when you’re still just dating, which day(s) do you remember?

My first boyfriend it was just this random day that we hung out after we had already kissed several times, but it just felt official.

My second boyfriend I remember it was the 14th…but I honestly cannot remember why. (And it’s funny because since dating him I have decided that I definitely loved him but was not in love with him. And I don’t remember a lot about our relationship. Possible correlation here?

My third boyfriend was the first day we kissed. We didn’t really even start dating until much after that.

And then my most recent boyfriend was the first night we kissed/hooked up which happen to be the night before 420. Again, it took us a while to actually start dating. It was a very memorable night for the both of us, though. :)

I have no idea when my anniversary is, i’m not even sure how many years we have been together (at least 5 maybe).

It varies by relationship. In a few we celebrated when we first met or kissed or something along those lines.

The typical one was when we “officially” started dating. Then pending the other person might do small celebrations for like a month, 3 months, 6 months, and then from there on out probably just the yearly ones.

A dating anniversary.

Sounds like ‘playing’ at a relationship. From arabic emirat dating the other responses… boyfriends and girlfriends seem to come and go without much thought or memory so I think it might be best to reserve ‘anniversaries’ for more meaningful relationships.

Don’t get me wrong – dating is fun and can lead to serious relationships but perhaps the ‘serious’ relationships should be the ones celebrating anniversaries?

I’ve only ever celebrated an anniversary with my now fiance. I knew that my other boyfriends were only short term, so it didn’t seem important to remember when we got together.

We consider our first date to be our anniversary, and we only celebrate yearly.

We are also planning our wedding date to be the same so that he only has to remember one date :)

Our “dating anniversary” covers three of those: the first date, the first kiss, and the first time we thought of ourselves as a couple. :) (The sex came a few days later.) What can I say – we liked each other a lot!

We celebrate both the dating anniversary and the wedding anniversary. Seems to be working out!

For other relationships, though, it was the “first date” in general. You have to be dating a year to get to the anniversary (annum = “year” in Latin) so less-serious relationships by definition never made it that far.

“Six month anniversary” is a phrase that shouldn’t exist, for example.

Honestly, I pulled a date out of my butt that was around a blog entry I wrote, the subject of which was the first date.

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