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Our dating anniversary is coming up at the end of October and I’m trying to figure out what to do – celebrate or not?

Get him a gift or not??

So married ladies – what do you do, if anything, for your dating anniversary now that you have a wedding anniversary.

I need a vote for other. We do acknowledge the day we met, because it was valentine’s day. So we’ll probably keep doing that ??

I vote no- only the wedding anniversary.

You could mention something sweet to him- like remember this was the day we first met? (or dating etc..) but no gift

I’m not married, but I say do whatever the heck you want to! If it doesn’t really matter to you, then don’t. Now we have a wedding anniversary we have something we can celebrate hurrah!

I voted that we celebrate but don’t give gifts, but really, we just kind of acknowledge the day/time milestone. Our dating anniversary is the day after DH’s birthday, so we usually kind of roll them into one. Next month, we’ll be going on a trip to celebrate his 30th birthday as well as our 7th year of togetherness. =)

We didn’t even really celebrate our dating anniversary before we were married, so nope we don’t celebrate it! To each his (her) own though!

Still celebrate! I want to celebrate every one of them.

No gifts, though. We don’t do wedding anniversary gifts either — we have more than enough stuff as it is.

We got married on our dating anniversary (yes we planned for this) so that we can actually have 1 date…

We are planning on still are dating websites legitimate celebrating our dating anniversary, at least until it catches up to our years being married. We dated for 8 years so I’d hate to just “lose”, in a sense, those years. We also couldn’t remember when we actually got serious- started as friends with benefits- so we just picked a day around that time of the year & it happens to be MLK Jr day which I get a paid holiday for & it’s the VS annual sale time so I’m keeping it! We don’;t do gifts really though, just a nice dinner & event maybe with some lingere surprises!

If that’s your thing, by all means keep at it. But we’re believers in that the only important date to celebrate is our wedding anniversary now.

Our dating anniversary is Halloween and our wedding anniversary is one week before, so we tend to kind of celebrate both.

We don’t do anything fancy for the dating anniversary, but there’s always something special about halloween and knowing we’ve been together x years.

We celebrate our dating anniversary and our U.S. We also got married anita katti dating website in India later for his family but it was a 3 day process so we skip celebrating that one as that would just be too much!


our dating date 5/25 is going to be our wedding date ?? so yes celebrating & giving gifts will happen lol

Typically we’d just go out to supper, but since we got married, we just kind of akknowledge the date and that’s it lol.

This year may be different, as it’s our 10th year together. lol

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You can make your one year anniversary date ideas as memorable as it can get and this is dependent on how you intend to plan it to pan out.

Relationships are hardwork.

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