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He likes to say we really started dating on Valentine’s Day, but I like to think it was a couple of weeks after when we became “official.” We don’t do anything special though – just recognize the milestone and officially celebrate our wedding anniversary.

We are married now, so obviously the wedding anniversary has become more important but we still celebrate our “we met” anniversary in a laid-back way. Our we met anniversary is pretty much the night we also slept together the first time (oops), so we just eat take out and have some good sex on that day and laugh about how awkward and amazing that first day was. It helps that we met the last day of a spring semester so it helps us to remember what the date actually is. Even when we were dating, we still celebrated this day since we couldn’t exactly agree on the “we were official” anniversary.

The wedding anniversary is important for obvious reasons, but I love celebrating the smaller, older anniversaries because it reminds me of a time we were much much younger and had no idea of what was to come.

I like the idea of a dating anniversary! I say it could be whatever you want- first kiss, first date, etc. It’s also a good reason to do something different than you’d normally do day to day in the relationship.

We had an official date and we celebrated it the first couple years but we’ve forgotten to celebrate it as time wore on.

It’s October 10th, but for the past couple years we haven’t realized the date passed until the beginning of November.

Like I said in the forum, we don’t celebrate it (we don’t celebrate our wedding anniversary either), we do usually mention it though.

We have the anniversary of our 1st date (kiss really, since it was after midnight), anniversary of moving in together, and wedding anniversary.

Othello and I started dating in high school, where dating anniversaries were a huge thing and were based on the day you were ‘official’ (i.e.

We had been casually hanging out, with a couple of official dates (dances). But neither one of us had the guts to actually talk to each other and ask about our status. Finally, one day we were hanging out on the couches in our Debate lounge, and one of my friends walked in. She asked in an exasperated voice if we were official yet. So she said, “Othello, have you asked her yet?” He looked at me and said “Eh, you wanna be my girlfriend?” I said “Sure, why not”. My friend then ran from the room and announced to the whole debate team that we were FINALLY an item.

I tried to play it all casual but I was thrilled we’d finally reached that point. She later told us at our wedding that it wouldn’t have happened without her, and based on how shy Othello and I both were, she might have been right.

I remember the date that we had our first kiss, but our first anniversary was August 23rd, the day we decided to be girlfriend and boyfriend. And we celebrated, very low key, dinner and talking about our first official year and what’s next.

I think it is always nice just to take an excuse to break up your life routine a bit to appreciate your SO, so dating anniversaries anita marks dating roc can be sweet. I don’t personally think there’s a need to exchange pricey gifts and otherwise make a huge deal out of every little event anniversary (first kiss, first date, first being “official” etc.

etc.) just because that seems tiring anita marks dating to keep track of, but as with most things when it comes to relationships if both partners are into it then good for them!

My asian and american dating edicate husband and I definitely celebrate our DATEiversary. We’ve been married for 8.5 years and together for 10.5 years. We always reflect back on our first date, and our early time together, on that day.

We didn’t have a dating anniversary. We met on a day when someone introduced us but didn’t take note of each other. It was about six months later when we spent some time talking that I actually noticed him. Then we spent some time talking each day, then he invited me on a date, I think that was the night we kissed for the first time but I don’t remember for sure.

We started seeing each other all of the time and never had an official talk about whether we were boyfriend and girlfriend, we just were.

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