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I don’t remember any of those dates.

Sweet. Including when we met…so I’m out.

We met on the biggest bar night of the year (night before Thanksgiving) so we use that as an excuse to get out nowadays!

Our wedding anniversary isn’t nearly as fun, but we do something together then too ??

Our dating anniversary is of arad dating websites the first night we kissed. It was very memorable, mostly because he came over and did an extremely corny declaration of his intentions (I’ve embarrassed Bassanio enough on here, so I won’t go into specifics, but asian and american dating edicate appropriately enough it involved reading from a Shakespeare play). As romantically as possible I removed the screen on my window and he climbed in, then we made out. Ah, teenagers… First kiss felt like more of a turning point to a relationship than other firsts.

In terms of celebrating, we mostly go out to a nice dinner.

I’ve been thinking about this lately, since we’ll soon have a new anniversary, and I’m not sure if we’re going to continue to celebrate this day, or celebrate a wedding anniversary any differently. It will probably involve a fancy dinner, but it’s too bad it won’t be during restaurant week anymore, that was very useful.

“…but appropriately enough it involved reading from a Shakespeare play.

As romantically as possible I removed the screen on my window and he climbed in, then we made out.”

We do celebrate our dating anniversary, and the date is the first day we kissed. I think in the beginning of our arabic dating relationship it felt important to celebrate it. We were long-distance and I don’t think everyone in our family/friend circle took it seriously. Being able to say “today, it’s been ONE YEAR !!” made it more official. People were like “ok, I guess it’s not just a fling”.

Now we just celebrated our fourth year by taking the day off and going to the botanical garden. It’s just an excuse to break the routine and do something fun.

After we’d known each other for a while/been hanging out regularly in groups, he asked me to come hiking with him… that turned into lunch, then thrift shopping, then a festival, then a nightcap, then driving around our old neighborhood until 3am… I’ll never forget because it was my favorite day – the summer solstice! So we spent all day together on the longest day of the year. We didn’t kiss or become official that day, but…

We celebrated huge this year with a hotel anjaleoni online dating room at the hotel where we had our nightcap & nice gifts for each other, and we mostly recreated our first date except the shopping part & we missed the beginning of the festival because we lounged around watching boxing and drinking champagne in our robes.

My boyfriend asked me a while back what our anniversary should be and we couldn’t decide and reading this reminded me that we never came to a decision. I think we’ve gone about things in “backwards” order so that is why we couldn’t decide.

I think he cares about an actual date more than I but I remember the dates of the various milestones along the way but none of them feel like they should be ‘our anniversary’ since it’s been a strange path to where we are now.

Nope we do not.

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