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As I said in the forum, it’s just too unclear when we actually became a couple.

And it just seemed silly (to us) to try to commemorate our relationship on one day.

We anna b arizona online dating aren’t all that big on valentines day, either.

However, now that we have a wedding anniversary, we’ll probably recognize that. But I can’t imagine we’ll make to huge of a deal of that either.

We have 2 anniversaries that we celebrate. First is of course our wedding anniversary and second is the Monday after Super Bowl. It was our first date (blind date) and then the next year it was the day he proposed. Monday after super bowl will always be super special to us ??

My husband and I got married on the Saturday before the Super Bowl in 2013. Then for the past 2 years we have hosted a super bowl party (in 2014 it was on our first anniversary so we served year-old wedding cake). Super Bowl couples, unite!

We celebrate our first date each year by going to the same restaurant. And we started celebrating the day we got engaged but we don’t do any gifts. For our wedding anniversary, we try and do just an experience gift. It’s nice to have a few dates that are already penciled in to acknowledge each other, and it’s more about keeping family traditions.

I have no idea when our “dating anniversary” even is… I know its in July.

I only know that much because we had just started dating right before my bonus son’s 6th birthday. Most days I’m lucky to remember our wedding anniversary.

As much as we have an anniversary date, we treat it as a half joke. Partially because we were FWB before, and partially because neither of us are that big into celebrating the year markers. We did a nice dinner for year 1, and then were apart for 50% of the next few. This year is 5 and I think we will probably do a nice dinner together. We use it as an excuse to treat ourselves and plan a really nice night. But on the years we weren’t together, we almost forgot to say ‘happy anniversary’.

We also don’t do cards or gifts.

Well we don’t really remember our dating start as such.

We ran into each other on holiday and hooked up, I thought that signalled the transition from friends to partners but he apparently wasn’t sure. Lucky we got married and have a definite anniversary! we always acknowledge that mid-decemberish is when we got together, it’s the best we can do

I have a note in my calendar, because I’m awful with dates. It’s just the first time we went out as a ‘couple’ to see a film. I just like having a reminder of how long we’ve been together, the next one is five years.. which articles on online dating is the longest I’ve ever made it!

We aren’t married, and we actually discussed what anniversary to celebrate. We met at a bar and started dating immediately, and though we didn’t verbalize we were exclusive (or sleep together) for 3 months or call it “official” boyfriend/girlfriend for 6 months, neither one of us was seeing other people from the day we met and we were definitely formally dating (not just “hanging out”). So we called it from the day we met.

We met on NYE, and ended up making out pretty much after the second shot of Jager. Hung out with him all the next day, and then didn’t see him for about 2 weeks.

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