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I lived about an hour away from him, and apparently, I was “out of his league” so he let me make the next move. When we met up two weeks after, it pretty much sealed the deal, and we were a couple. Spent the next weekend together, and the next, and I was always shocked that despite all the physical contact and the sleepovers, he was respectfully and we didn’t sleep together until the third or fourth hangout (even though he could have).

He declared me his girlfriend on the Saturday before the Super Bowl in 2007, but we’ve always just celebrated NYE as our dating anniversary. Now that we are married, we celebrate that, but NYE will always be special too.

Mr. Inky and I celebrate the day he asked me to be his girlfriend, July…. We usually celebrate by having a nice dinner together, then reflecting on the past year and what we’re looking forward to in the coming year.

It’s a nice way to make sure we’re on the same page for the next few months.

My friends chose their wedding date as close to their dating anniversary as possible, because it’s so hard for my friend to remember any dates ever. Haha!

And then there are my parents, who have been married for 32 years and always celebrate the anniversary of their first date.

We sort of recognize our dateiversary (like someone asian and american dating edicate else mentioned, usually with takeout and sex ;-)). We didn’t have a specific date, but could narrow down that we clearly weren’t dating through mid November, and clearly were by the end of February. I let my spouse (boyfriend at the time) pick a date for celebrating purposes. He went with Groundhog Day (2/2).

Groundhog day is my wedding anniversary.

We knew we wanted to get married in Feb and when we found a venue we liked they were booked on the second and third weekend, arbaaz khan dating so we picked the first instead of the last.

And then we start telling people the date and they’re like “Oh, Groundhog Day?” I had no idea it was Groundhog Day, or even that it’s on a date rather than the first Tuesday of the month or whatever. Why do people know when Groundhog Day is?

It was a popular movie. You must be somewhere really cold.

My Dearest and I made up our dating anniversary, mostly because there isnt a clear actual one, but it is around when both of us considered that we were a couple, etc. It is an easy date to remember for both of us…but I do not think we even actually celebrated it a couple of months ago. It is really just an excuse for me to buy him something as a gift and arabic dating on line then jokingly hold that over his head for not getting me something specific. (As in, Im more of a gift giver than he is and I like having a reason to give him a gift. He’s more of a let’s-get-hibachi-this-weekend every once in awhile, as that is a bit steeper than our usual dinners out. So my Love Language must be gifting and his is Hibachi. If it isnt obvious I never read the Love Languages book. Hehehe) Im sure we will still “celebrate” it even after we are married.

For us, knowing that we are each other’s Always Person is enough. Basically presents and dinner out are great, and little surprises are nice…whenever.

Looking back, Ive had all kinds of different celebrating styles with boyfriends of the past. It really needs to be what works for the couple, and if that is due to a discussion and agreement so be it, or if it is what naturally just happens and falls into place…then if it makes you you both happy, wtf does anything else matter? Although I suppose that was the point of the Forum post, right?

That she wasnt happy with BF telling her to re-assign the dating-iversary that they hadnt even celebrated the year before?

My boyfriend and I celebrate it, but we call it “__#_ year beer” (obviously the number changes every year) and we just go out and have a nice beer together.

We celebrate the date of our first date/first kiss.

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