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The show came out of commercial and went right into Taylor's video with just a generic PSA on the monitors at the Forum. Afterward, "Blackish" star Yara Shahidi came onstage to introduce a performance for Shawn Mendes. Katy made herself scarce.

'Love & Hip Hop' star Teairra Mari is learning a HARD lesson about punctuality -- you blow off a court case, the judge issues a bench warrant for your ass. courtroom on Monday to face charges that she beat the crap out of an Uber driver last year and stole his cell phone charger. But when her case ann coulter dating jj was called, Mari was MIA -- so the judge issued ann coulter is dating andrew stein a warrant for her arrest. Mari's been ordered to surrender to authorities so she can stand trial asap -- and if a cop spots her gallivanting around town, she could be cuffed on the spot.

Taylor Swift я╗┐came, saw -- made things awkward -- but ultimately conquered .

so she's done sharing corner space with Kylie Jenner. Taylor and Kylie's billboard turf war on Santa Monica Blvd. Taylor's billboard pimping her single "Look What You Made Me Do" has been replaced by Sam Smith, whose new music drops Friday. but it makes sense after Taylor easily shot up to No. 1 on Spotify's global chart with over 44 MILLION streams. For what it's worth, "Life of Kylie" has struggled in TV ratings.

Here is a great set of questions to ask a guy to get him talking.

They are designed to get an interesting conversation started, but still keep it relatively casual.

Remember every guy is different, so pick and choose which questions you think will work best for your guy or pick questions that you really want to know the answers to. Sometimes though, you’ll be surprised at which questions a guy will find interesting. So even if a question seems like something he wouldn’t be interest in, it might be worth a shot. As a guy, I can vouch for the fact that no matter who the guy is, he will find at least some of these questions interesting.

Oh, and before we start, remember to ask lots of follow up questions to find out more and to keep the conversation going. And if you’d like an image or PDF of the first 50 questions without commentary, scroll down to the bottom we’ve got both waiting for you.

These first 50 questions have a bit of commentary and are what I consider to be the best of the best questions. But there are so many more questions!

There is a list of 150 more questions to ask a guy at the bottom of the page without commentary that are still really good. If you can’t find what you are looking for in the top 50 questions you’ll find it in the list at the bottom of the page! So without further delay, here are some quality questions to ask a guy!

Who doesn’t like telling an awesome story about themselves?

This will give your guy a chance to tell you a good story and is a great way to get him talking. It will also let you know what kinds of things he is into and what he considers important.

Question 2: If you could learn only one magic spell, but it could only do something mundane and boring, what would the spell do?

A fun question that can lead anne coulter dating a liberal to some really creative answers. Some examples might be: unclog a drain, make toast slightly more brown, unjam a copier, etc. You could further the conversation by trying to think of the incantation that would go with the spell.

Question 3: You wake up suddenly in the middle of the night. What would be the scariest sound to hear after waking up?

It’s great because it might give you some insight into what he is afraid of. Either that, or you’ll give him a chance to make you laugh if he want’s to make it into a joke. Either way, it’s a fun question to ask a guy and one that makes follow up questions easy.

You can talk about amping up scariness of the situation, talk about his other fears, or perhaps try to find fears you have in common.

Question 4: What high level job do you think you could lie your way into with no experience and no one would notice?

This question has a lot of possible answers, but to really make it fun, talk about how he would be able to stop people finding out he was fraud.

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