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But between 13:00 of October 1st and 14:55 of October 15th, fifteen days minus 5 minutes have elapsed, and most solutions using floor() or doing implicit integer conversion will report one day less than expected.

The second mistake is equating one day to 86400 seconds. This is almost always true - it happens often enough to overlook the times it doesn't. But the distance in seconds between two consecutive midnights is surely not 86400 at least twice a year when daylight saving time comes into play. Comparing two dates across a DST boundary will again yield the wrong answer.

So even if you use the "hack" of forcing all date timestamps to a fixed hour, say midnight (this is also done implicitly by various languages and frameworks when you only specify day-month-year and not also hour-minute-second), the widely used formula

will return, say, 17 when DATE1 and DATE2 are in the same DST segment of the year; but it may return 17.042, and worse still, 16.958.

The use of floor() or any implicit truncation to integer will then convert what should have been a 17 to a 16. In other circumstances, expressions like "$days > 17" will return true for 17.042 even if this indicates that the elapsed day count is 18.

And things grow even uglier since such code is not portable across platforms, because some of them may apply leap seconds and some might not. On those platforms that do, the difference between two dates will not be 86400 but 86401, or maybe 86399. So code that worked in May and actually passed all tests will break next June when 12.99999 days are considered 12 days instead of 13. Two dates that worked in 2015 will not work in 2017 -- the same anna russian dating scammer dates, and neither year is a leap year.

But between 2018-03-01 and 2017-03-01, on those platforms that care, 366 days will have passed instead of 365, making 2017 a leap year.

as an alternative, do not calculate differences between D1-M1-YYY1 and D2-M2-YYY2. Those dates will be really considered as D1-M1-YYY1 00:00:00 and D2-M2-YYY2 00:00:00.

Rather, convert between D1-M1-YYY1 22:30:00 and D2-M2-YYY2 04:30:00. You will always get a remainder of about twenty hours. This may become twenty-one hours or nineteen, and maybe eighteen hours, fifty-nine minutes thirty-six seconds. It is a large margin which will stay there and stay positive for the foreseeable future. Now you can truncate it with floor() in safety.

write comprehensive test cases using really evil date choices - across DST boundaries, across leap years, across leap seconds, and so on, as well as commonplace dates. Ideally (calls to datetime are fast!) generate four whole years' (and one day) worth of dates by assembling them from strings, sequentially, and ensure that the difference between the first day and the day being tested increases steadily by one. This will ensure that if anything changes in the low-level routines and leap seconds fixes try to wreak havoc, at least you will know.

run those tests regularly together with the rest of the test suite. They're a matter of milliseconds, and may save you literally hours of head scratching.

The function funcdiff below implements one of the solutions (as it happens, the accepted one) in a real world scenario.

This actually happened some months ago. An ingenious programmer decided to save several microseconds off a calculation that took about thirty seconds at most, by plugging in the infamous "(MidnightOfDateB-MidnightOfDateA)/86400" code in several places.

It was so obvious an optimization that he did not even document it, and the optimization anna popplewell ben barnes dating passed the integration tests and lurked in the code for several months, all unnoticed.

This happened in a program that calculates the wages for several top-selling salesmen, the least of which has a frightful lot more clout than a whole humble five-people programmer team taken together. One day some months ago, for reasons that matter little, the bug struck -- and some of those guys got shortchanged one whole anna paquin stephen moyer dating day of fat commissions. They were definitely not amused.

Infinitely worse, they lost the (already very little) faith they had in the program not being designed to surreptitiously shaft them, and pretended - and obtained - a complete, detailed code review with test cases ran and commented in layman's terms (plus a lot of red-carpet treatment in the following weeks).

What can I say: on the plus side, we got rid of a lot of technical debt, and were able to rewrite and refactor several pieces of a spaghetti mess that hearkened back to a COBOL infestation in the swinging '90s.

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