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If you could have dinner with a famous person, who would it be?

Does he want to gawk at Pamela Anderson over dinner, or dive into the intelligent mind of Albert Einstein?

Hey, he could secretly dream of being a magician and has the ability to perform some wild tricks, or maybe he can walk on his hands.

Youll never know until you ask!

Here youll find out just how adventurous he is.

Does he wants to relax on the sandy shores of Jamaica, or speed down the highest mountains of Denver?

With this question youll find out if hes laid back or loves to be busy and energetic.

Your friends know you best, so this is obviously a great question to find out what kinda guy he is.

You might find out that this man has a soft spot for animals and wants to save the dolphins, or maybe he’s an avid pianist and enjoys classical music profoundly.

Again, we all have something we wish we could change.

Is his answer something simple, like the size of his nose, or does his answer go deeper to a more personal level?

This question annalynne mccord dating just might lead the two of you to making plans for a dinner date!

Just like the movies question, knowing his favorite music can tell you whether hes laid back or prefers a more energetic style.

This is important- you need to know whether hes shallow and only dates women for their looks, or if he has something important in mind when seeking a gal- anna v dating scammer perhaps an engaging personality or a college degree.

A man who loves to pick up a good book and just relax is a major turn on for some women, and you can surely tell a lot about a mans personality with this simple question.

This is always a fun question, and the answer may really shock you- or leave you rolling on the floor with laughter. This really is an icebreaking question as it lets you know a little more about him without asking anything too serious.

This is another great question that always comes with a string of interesting answers. Hopefully the man sitting across from you comes up with a more thrilling answer than a car and a house. Hey, he might surprise you and tell you he would buy his momma a house.

How sweet is that?

Who knows what wild wishes he would come up with.

This question is incredibly fun and will definitely have a great answer.

Speed dating doesnt have to be all serious questions.

Ask him this silly question and give yourself a laugh to lighten up the mood.

Another great question to lighten up the awkward tension and get the two of you laughing together. (Just be careful not to let the drink come out of your nose!)

A man who can do DIY projects (and actually enjoys them) is an automatic winner for any woman.

Plus theres nothing like watching a man put something together with his own hands- such a turn on!

Ok, so be careful not to ask this question too soon. You dont want to come off as a woman digging for gold, trying to find out whether or not this guy is rich and worth your time.

Just ask it casually something during the conversation. You might find out hes got a really cool anna paquin stephen moyer dating classic car hed love to show you off in!


Whats the most embarrassing thing thats ever happened to you?

If you feel any awkward tension building up, feel free to pull out this question.

It will undoubtedly distress anna russian dating scammer the conversation as the two of your laugh and giggle about embarrassing situations youve been through.

Its good to know these things before any serious feelings start forming.

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