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  • How often do you snore?
  • Do you do tricks at parties?
  • Choose one basking at the beach or exploring?
  • Name three wishes if you were given the power?
  • Where in the world do you fancy living?
  • Do you have a favourite joke?
  • What chat up line works for you?
  • Of anne hathway dating all the chat up lines youve heard, which is the lamest?
  • Are you a handy person or prefer calling the expert?
  • Which animal do your friends think matches your personality?
  • Is there a famous person people say resembles you?
  • The above questions will certainly make it easy to break the ice. Please avoid asking questions such as what are your future plans. annette howell dating Finally, remember these speed dating questions should help make the interaction fun, also check your date’s speed dating profile if available. Remember to smile, have fun and make a connection.

    I have a very important question for you at the bottom of this post that will allow me to better help you reach your dating goals cuz it’s super important to me that you get to where you wanna go in life and with women.

    Did you know that while working on the light bulb, it reportedly took Thomas Edison 1,000 attempts before he developed a successful prototype. How many of us have the persistence to keep going after that many so called “failures?”

    Imagine having to approach 1,000 women AND getting rejected 1,000 times before you succeeded.

    There is the story that a reporter asked Edison how it felt to fail 1,000 times. His mentality was that of someone who did not regard setbacks as failures. He reportedly answered the reporter, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times; the light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”

    Now here’s the thing, I want to create the posts around what YOU want just in case I missed anything you want to know about internet dating, that I can answer in the product or right here on the blog, please tell me about it in the comment section below.

    Internet dating is BY FAR the best way I know of to meet women take POF for example this thing gets girls for me every single day whether I’m sleeping, at the movies, at the beach, on vacation, whatever this thing runs pretty much on auto-pilot for me with the exception of busting out a few messages here and there.

    And what’s cool is, because of these dating sites, I meet more women in a single day than most men meet in an ENTIRE YEAR doing it the ‘old’ way.

    I pretty much have this internet dating thing down to a science and have literally cracked the code to hooking up with as many women as I want using dating sites there’s no one else in the industry who understands this thing like I do, and I have some email and profile “secrets” I’ll be letting out of the bag that I haven’t shared with ANYONE EVER it’s some pretty sick stuff. Been testing it for awhile and the results are pretty insane.

    anne hathaway dating

    (this was my inbox after I got back from vacation 121 messages, I HAD to take a screenshot of that)

    Now, I’ve seen a few other dating “guru’s” come out with internet dating products of their own and try to teach internet dating, but if you look at their sites and what they’re teaching, you’ll see they barely get any real results themselves in the first place…

    so I’m not really sure why they’re teaching it right now maybe I’ll send them access to Insider Internet Dating (they could sure use it.

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