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Most women seem to simply assume that guys just just in town for a asian and american dating edicate weekend are just looking for a one night stand. Others just don’t want to waste time meeting someone they feel there is no hope of things going anywhere due to distance. Just curious about your take on the matter and whether you do anything different when messaging women in a location you’re visiting?

My issue is my profile I am not sure how I am supposed to write it in a way that attracts women. Obviously I’m going to be honest in my profile and make sure I am different to the other guys on on the dating website.

Dave you are great. Would love to learn more about how to give good email to younger women.

I see from the posts above that their are quite a few older guys who are interested in this.

Loved IID and like the new format and think online delivery is the way to go.

I’m wondering what you think of the Zoosk dating site on Facebook, and a free site that seems to be getting popular called Ok Cupid. Thanks for whatever you can tell me.

How do you write to someone with a profile with limited information (that you know is a real person and not some scam)? I tend to write excellent emails to those with detailed profiles but tend to fall flat on my face with someone with a basic vague profile.

I’m a pretty experienced internet dater and my success rate in terms of getting replies has improved sharply over time thanks to experimentation and reading advice from guys like you. However, sometimes I can send out lines (adapted to the particular girl) that work on some women but no on others. So my question is if I’ve sent out a message that has been successful with a lot of women but a particular woman doesn’t reply, what should my follow up message be to try and get her to respond second time round?

Or would the odds suggest that my time would be better spent messaging fresh women instead?

Hey Dave, I recently got out of a 2 year relationship and am starting to do internet dating again. I was a member of your online service in 06-07 and had great success on Myspace and Facebook. Obviously, things have changed since then: Myspace is essentially dead and Facebook is so much different/most profiles are now private, so I\’m forced to use other sites now. It would be cool if you could do reviews of all the dating sites and give a \"recommend\" or \"don\’t bother\" rating or something like that. It looks like POF is now you favorite site, and I have been using it a little, but, like another commenter has already mentioned, I often get very short 1 sentence replies that only answer my question(s), which ultimately leads nowhere. A blog posting on how to avoid that would be helpful. Also, it would be helpful to know the differences between your new material/subscription service and your material from about 2-3 years ago.

How do you create a challenge when her profile is limited? She has maybe 1-2 pics up (not doing anything interesting really), only written a short paragraph with very few “usable” stats, but she’s attractive enough that you want to honestly know more.

Is there going to be a IID private members site and if so when is it up and running? It’s just I don’t have your DVD yet?

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Did/do you ever decide to try a second date, a few months later, with someone you met once on internet dating, and if so, what is your approach – how do you go about increasing your chances of re-kindling her interest.

I ask because one of my very first Match dot com dates was pretty sharp, but since i was just starting out i wanted to play the field. I didn’t realize i was having beginner’s luck.

Hi I have an issue with the fact I am not the best looker, which I can admit. I do put lots of effort into every message I write. I pick out points from are ali and jake dating their profile to discuss how we have lots in commen. I just get the impression they judge me based on how it will efffect their social status, in that i’m distintivley average in looks . I have done several tests where I questioned the woman on what was wrong with me, if we seem compatible on interests and values and they seem perfect and how we could do so much together.

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