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The Lords of Appeal in Ordinary (Law Lords) who held office on 1 October 2009werethe first justices of the 12-member Supreme Court.

The Court of Appeal of England and Wales is the second most senior court in the English legal system, with only the Appellate Committee of the House of Lords above it.

The Court is divided into two Divisions: the Civil Division and the Criminal Division.

The Civil Division hears appeals from the High Court and County Court and certain superior tribunals, while the Criminal Division may only hear appeals from the Crown Court connected with a trial on indictment (i.e. trial by judge and jury; the jury is only present if the defendant pleads not guilty).

The High Court of Justice functions as a civil court anonymous friend dating site of first instance, dealing with all cases of high value and importance. The High Court consists of three main divisions: the Queens Bench Division, the Chancery Division and the Family Division. These divisions of the High Court are not separate courts.

The Queens Bench Division or Kings Bench Division when the monarch is a King has two roles.

It hears a wide range of contract law and personal injury/general negligence cases, but also has special responsibility as a supervisory court.

The Chancery Divisiondeals with business law, trusts law, probate law, and land law in relation to issues of equity. In addition it has specialist courts within it which deal with intellectual property and company law. All tax appeals are assigned to the Chancery Division.

The Family Divisiondeals with matters such as divorce, children, probate and medical treatment.

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