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Also used for registration and authorization in the Program. Permanent address of the site:

h) Server means a special computer hosted in a data center necessary to operate the Program.

i) Documentation means a set of text, graphic, audiovisual and other data containing a description of the Program.

1.2.The use of the Program is permitted in any way within its functionality, legislation and includes:

— registration and/or authorization in the Program via the Website or Mobile application;

— storage of any materials in the Program, answers to radiometric dating assignment including text data, links, images, various files and other information;

— view the materials kept in the Program and exchange with other users;

— communication with other users via chat, file and other data exchange.

1.3. Using the Program in one of the listed in clause 1.2 ways, you confirm that:

b) You agree with all the terms of the present Agreement, without any exceptions, and agree to comply with all the provisions relating to the implementation of the Agreement. In case the User disagree with one of these provisions or you have no rights to accept the Agreement, the User should immediately cease any answer key to radiometric dating assignment and all use of the Program.

c) Any item of the Agreement may be amended or supplemented by the Administration without any special notification of the answer 2 all dating User. All changes will take effect upon publication on the Website.

2.1. Using Program features is possible only after registration and authorization through the Website or Mobile application.

2.2. All conditions of use of the Program, including rate plans, documentation and other data shall be brought to Users attention by posting on the Website and/or in the Program interface.

2.3. Email and password specified during the registration are the data required for authorization in the Program. The User has no right to transfer the authorization data to third parties, as well as to take independent measures for its security. Administration may enhance the authorization procedure via SMS or a similar method.

3.1. The Administration grants the registered User the right to use the functionality of the Program free of charge or for a fee on the terms of a simple (non-exclusive) non-transferable license within the scope of the Program functionality and applicable law.

3.2. The Administration sets limits on the amount and type of information placed by Users in the Program.

The Administration may also impose other restrictions.

3.3. The Administration possesses copyright and other rights on the software code, design of the Program and the Website, that include graphic elements, colors, audiovisual content, grouping and systematization of data, disposal of the different elements. Any copying, distribution, translation or other activity related to copyright infringement is prohibited without written consent of the Administration.

3.4. Using the Program in some other ways not mentioned in the present Agreement is prohibited.

By accepting the terms of the present Agreement, the User confirms that:

4.1. The User has the necessary rights and authority to accept the present Agreement and its execution.

4.2. The User will use the Program only for the purposes specified in the present Agreement and comply with applicable law.

4.3. The User will not perform actions that violate the Program, Servers and networks of the Administration. Such activities include: answer e-mail for dating website attempts of various kinds of hacking, creation of artificial overload (highload), sending a large number of requests, etc.

4.4. When using the Program the User will not violate third party rights and will not perform actions that contradict prohibitions and restrictions of User country, e.g. the use of copyright and related rights, trademarks and service marks, photographs of people; as well as materials placed in the Program will not contain information offending the honor, dignity, tarnishing business reputation, promoting violence, pornography, drugs, racial and ethnic strife.

It is assumed that the User has obtained all required permissions from authorized persons when placing materials in the Program.

5.1. By accepting the terms of the present Agreement, the User grants the Administration free of charge the right to use User content in order to improve the Program and support its operability.

5.2. The content used by the Administration should not violate the copyright and other rights of the User and third parties.

By acceptance of the present Agreement the User agrees to the following:

6.1. Сonsumer rights protection laws are not subject to provisions in case of using the service free of charge.

6.2. The Program, including paid rate plans, shall be provided "as is".

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