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This means the Administration does not provide any guarantee that the Program will meet all requirements, the services will be uninterrupted, reliable, fast and error-free.

6.3. The Administration is not responsible for the content placed by the User in the Program. The entire responsibility is carried out by the User or third parties with access to the User Account in case of fault of the User.

6.4. The Administration is not associated with materials placed by the User in the Program, does not check User content, its compliance with applicable laws or User rights to place these materials.

— placement, distribution, advertising and other demonstration of counterfeit materials;

— placement, distribution of pornographic materials, as well as promotion of pornography and advertising sexual services;

— placement, distribution of any prohibited information, particularly extremist materials or materials infringing on human rights and freedoms, information concerning making narcotic substances, manufacturing weapons, etc.

— sending messages to other users, to which they did not give consent (spam);

6.6. Despite the prohibition of placing offensive or indecent information, the User may be sent such information in case of unlawful acts of third parties.

6.7. If the User notices a violation of User rights or rights of third parties, the User has a right to apply to the Administration via the feedback form on the Website or in the Program. After receipt of such notice, the Administration will take steps to prevent further violations.

6.8. If there are third party claims to the Administration in respect of the User, and when detected suspicious activity, the Administration has the right to initiate the identification of the User by requesting the necessary documents. After receiving the requested documents the User shall provide the Administration a notarized obligation to settle the third party claims on his own and at his own expense. The User shall provide the above mentioned documents within five (5) days from the date of the receipt of the request.

6.9. The Administration has the right to remove any materials from the Program without explanation, if the materials are clearly against the Law at least in one of the countries where the Program is used.

6.10. When multiple or single flagrant violation of the present Agreement take place the Administration has the right to block or terminate the User Account together with the content placed in it.

6.11. In case of bringing the Administration to justice or imposition of penalty in connection with are dating websites legitimate the violation of the present Agreement by the User, the User undertakes to compensate for all the losses in full, including legal fees and other expenses.

6.12. By accepting the present Agreement, the User agrees that his personal data may become available to third parties in connection with the use of some functional features of the Program.

6.13. Under any circumstances the responsibility of the Administration to the User is limited to the amount of 1000 (one thousand) rubles or equivalent in foreign currency.

7.1. By registering in the Program, the User agrees to receive informational messages on email specified when registering, direct notifications in the Program, including Mobile Applications as well as in other ways available for Administration.

7.2. The Administration may use notifications informing about the functionality of the Program, as well as notifications related to social activity of other users and other types of notices and armenian women for dating notifications.

7.3. Administration reserves the right to use notifications in relation to the third parties whose data is placed in the arab dating network matching for singles User Account in case of functional necessity when running the Program.

8.1. By registering in the Program the User gives the written consent to the automated processing of personal data contained in his Account.

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