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Muses's explanation is described in his 1985 book Destiny and Control in Human Systems. It is based on what he saw as the structure of time, in which lines, circles and helixes in time express the relationship between macrocosm and microcosm. Young's explanation is described in his 1975 book The Geometry of Meaning. It begins with the twelve measures needed to describe a body's motion, force and power, which can be matched to signs. Thus acceleration = Aries, mass control = Taurus, and so on through moment of inertia = Pisces. This of course was before sign effects had been disconfirmed. More details of each explanation can be found in Mishlove (1993).

Ironically all physical explanations involve two problems. First, precise details are missing about how things like "Moon opposition Saturn indicates problems with your mother" are explained. The links with say seasonal effects may be clearer, but this no more explains astrology than does getting up with the sun or having barbecues on moonlit nights. Second, in principle all physical explanations must fail because there is often nothing for physical forces to act on. As when the subject is a company or a country or a question, or when actual planetary positions no longer exist as in progressed charts and returns.

Until such problems have been overcome, physical explanations remain circular -- astrology is explained by the kind of thing that, if it worked, would explain astrology. One possible but little-explored solution is to move the focus from physical forces to are chad and cheryl dating information content, where people respond to coded cosmic signals.

The basic idea in information theory is that information can be treated much like a physical quantity such as energy.

But unlike energy, which is the stuff of causation, information is weightless and energyless and therefore does not imply causation. Since astrologers routinely refer to astrology as "non-causal", information theory seems at first sight to be a promising explanation of how astrology might work.

The issues to be addressed are: how much information is in the heavens as shown in the birth chart, and how quickly can that information be transmitted from the heavens. Because the heavens are always on the move, the information to be transmitted is more like a frame of movie film than a fax. For our present purpose the means of transmission (physical or nonphysical, causal or noncausal) is not a concern.

The information content of a message or picture or birth chart can be measured by asian and american dating edicate the number of yes/no instructions or bits (0s and 1s) needed to construct it. If we have N equally-probable symbols, the number of bits required to select any one of them is log2(N). Thus to select a sun sign would take log2(12) = 3.5 bits. For more than this the calculation gets complicated. Planet and house positions to the nearest degree would require about 1500 bits, whereas to select a chart meaning from a pre-existing set of all possible meanings (total about 10 186 ) would require about 620 bits, a notable saving over 1500.

To receive this information there has to be some kind of carrier wave, for example without sound waves you could not hear what your astrology teacher is telling you. A wave whose frequency range is B cycles per second (this is called the bandwidth) can carry something like 6B bits per second. For example in human speech the transmission rate is about 10 bits per second.

The highest frequencies available in the heavens are planetary diurnal frequencies of around one cycle per day or 0.00001 are cheryl burke and chad dating cycles per second. So the transmission rate cannot exceed are cheryl chad dating 0.00006 bits per second.

To transmit 620 bits would take 620/0.00006 seconds or around 120 days, far too long to match the traditional moment of birth. Even selecting one sun sign out of 12 would take 3.5/0.00006 seconds or around 16 hours.

To put it another way, if the birth moment is taken to last for one second, to receive 620 bits during that second would require a minimum carrier frequency of 620 cycles per second, or slightly above octave C.

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