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According to Huckeby (2003) the solution is a return to observation, to look for patterns, to see what repeats over the years as the transits repeat.

He asserts (wrongly) that science cannot explain astrology, and speculates that astrology is no more than an evolved sensitivity to planetary cycles (precisely what signals are being detected is not stated).

Third, our chances of being correct are not good. No longer do arizona dating online we believe, as Aristotle did, that death can occur only at low tide. No longer do midwives open the door to ease a painful labour. No longer do alchemical ideas appear in chemistry courses. In fact magical correspondences have been so spectacularly worthless that in Western education today they survive only as an example of fallacious reasoning.

In short, no explanation based on magical correspondences has much hope of attaining the usefulness we need here. Even if a specific claimed correspondence ("Dragon's Tail on the Descendant indicates a dwarf") could be tested, which is never easy because in astrology everything depends on everything else, the outcome (success of failure) would tell us little about magical explanations in general.

Three examples of explanations based on magical correspondences

(1) Hand's (1987) explanation of astrology assumes that, at any given moment, everything is connected by a symbolism that is inherent in nature. His explanation is thus "a restatement of the old doctrine of correspondences that underlies all the so-called occult arts" (p.36).

(2) Elwell's (1987) cosmic loom theory of astrology proposes two realities, one seen by us and the other seen by astrology. Our reality groups together things like dew, ice, water, humidity and steam, all to do with H2O. Astrological reality groups together things like cold, old age, bones, lead, discontent and responsibility, all magical correspondences to do with Saturn. Such apparent diversity is woven together on the cosmic loom, hence the name.

(3) Scofield (1993) proposes a testable model where the planets represent the various stages of human development. For example the personal planets Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus represent ageas 1-2, 3-4, 5-12, and 13-19. However, his model explains nothing -- it merely re-arranges symbols.

The above explanations reduce to "astrological effects are explained by astrological effects", which is not useful.

As Hand (1988) puts it, "The universe is essentially a clock in which all components serve to tell what time it is. As above so below, because it is essentially one thing. In various forms this is the most prevalent theory at present."

The role of clocks and timing emerged first in the ideas of Carl Jung (1931:154), who suggested that "time, far from being an abstraction, is a concrete continuum which contains qualities or basic conditions .

In other words, whatever is born or done in this moment of time has the quality of this moment of time." The last may be the most popular quotation in all of astrology. Jung later replaced time quality with the idea of synchronicity, see next section.

Jung stressed that time quality "does not establish anything except the tautology: the flux of things and events is the cause of the flux of things, etc." (1976:176). It also implies that the quality of a given moment is the same everywhere, thus allowing the so below to be inferred from the as above. But as argued by Roberts (1990:98), it is absurd to believe that the quality of time throughout billions of star systems, some possibly with planets sustaining life, is synchronous with what our solar system is doing. So the quality of time has to be localised, on which point neither Jung nor anthem arizona dating christians astrologers offer guidance. If the quality on earth is highly localised then the relevance of the outer planets (perhaps all the planets) could arizona online dating be denied.

Furthermore, if each moment of time really does impress a quality upon whatever is born or done in that moment, then everyone should tend to laugh or cry in unison.

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