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Did anyone win the worlds biggest astrology prize no 2?

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A look by a parapsychologist at how believers and critics view psychic abilities.

The most recent paper reference is dated 1986.

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The classic work that started it all, heavily mathematical but less so than most.

Summarised with minimum mathematics in Shannon CE, Recents developments in communication theory, Electronics April are cheryl chad dating 1950, 190-193. For most readers the most convenient readable source will be the entry under information theory in the Encyclopedia Britannica, written by Shannon for the 1968 edition and since updated by others.

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In biblical days, time was measured by observation of both the sun's pattern of motion and the lunar phases. The solar motion served to establish the duration of the year while the waxing and waning of the moon was a practical way to subdivide the year into months.

But, unfortunately, the solar year and the lunar cycles are not synchronized.

While the present calendar (Gregorian) had its roots in the lunar cycle as evidenced by the length of the months and even the word "month" itself, it was adjusted to the solar year in order to maintain the seasonal references - its relation to the lunar phases was eventually abandoned.

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