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This is one of the longest suspension spans in the world.

It opened in 1957 and eliminated the backup of vehicles waiting for ferry passage across the straits. The Mackinac Bridge Museum contains many interesting and original artifacts from the construction of the Mighty Mac.

Colonial Michilimackinac, located in Mackinaw City, was a French fur-trading village and military outpost that served from 1715 until 1781 when it burned to the ground. Thirteen of the buildings have been apostolic singles dating re-constructed and highlights include re-enactments from the British occupation in the 1770s, as well as the American Revolution era.

Windmill Island is a 36 acre heritage park filled with manicured flower gardens and Dutch architecture. In May the park comes to life with 175,000 tulips, and in June the extensive gardens change to annual flowers. Highlights include an authentic Dutch windmill, DeZwaan, dating to the 1760's and brought from the Netherlands in 1964.

Standing 125 feet, the windmill is a symbol of the Dutch heritage of this area and is the only arab dating network matching for singles original Dutch windmill exported to America. It is still a working windmill producing stone ground flour for sale.

The Outdoor Discovery Center has taken on the task of restoring agricultural land to natural habitat. As a result of their efforts there are now six distinct ecosystems on this 130 acre nature preserve.

The area provides a good opportunity to experience and learn about the different environments. Highlights include walking trails and wildlife viewing opportunities.

Live narration during the Soo Locks Boat Tours explain the history and operation of the locks, St Mary's Rapids, Algoma Steel Plant and water fronts of the two Saults, as well as other sights.

The main importance of the American-Canadian twin town of Sault Ste Marie, known locally as the Soo, lies in the 1.25 mile long canals on the St Mary River linking Lakes Huron and Superior.

This is one of the world's most important waterways, on which 100 million tons of goods are transported annually. The ships pass through two huge locks (the Soo Locks), one on the Canadian side and the other on the American side.

Ruger 10/22TD -NRA "Take-Down" Special NRA Edition 22 Carbine, available exclusively through Davidson's.

It has been two and one-half years ago now that Ruger introduced their 10/22TD rimfire carbine.

The 10/22TD is a handy little take-down version of the extremely popular 10/22 Carbine. Since that first model was introduced, Ruger has produced different variants; one of the most-significant being the catalog number 11153 special NRA Edition 10/22TD. The NRA version has a synthetic stock of Natural Gear camouflage pattern, and has a NRA-logo brown Cordura carry case.

This is one of the best-looking 10/22TD packages to date, but most importantly, for every gun sold, Ruger and Davidson's will each donate $10 US to the NRA. Ruger and Davidson's have always been generous supporters of the National Rifle Association, and with this special edition of the 10/22TD, they are again generating more money for the NRA to use to fight intrusive gun laws, and to help support political candidates who support gun owners and our Constitution.

The 10/22TD NRA Special Edition carbine has all the features of the 10/22TD reviewed here before, but the pictures here show the features of the Davidson's-exclusive NRA version.

The 10/22TD is an excellent rifle, and when considering the purchase of one, have a look at the special NRA version. The special serial number (NRA2xxx), stock finish, and carry case are great reasons to choose this version, but supporting the NRA, especially now, is an even better reason to buy the catalog number 11153 10/22-TD-NRA Ruger carbine. Doing so, you will not only be getting one of the very best 22 rifles ever made, you will be supporting the fight for our gun rights and the preservation of our Constitution.

The 10/22TD-NRA is available only from Davidson's-affiliated dealers, so check them out at your local gun dealer, or order directly from Davidson's online by clicking on the Gun Genie at

The Ruger 10/22 rifle has been in constant production for almost five decades now, with millions of them produced to date, and no signs of production slowing down.

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