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You can see why you are paying the extra money for this scope in the quality of the scope itself as well as the crystal clear optics. Folks who apartment maintenance dating residents used this scope raved about the incredible amount of light that smaller objective gathers.

This scope from Nikon is not as expensive as the scope from Leupold, but is not cheap either. It has a magnification and objective of 2-7 x 33mm and weighs 16.1 oz.

At 16 oz, it is much heavier than the Simmons or Leupold options.

The Nikon does have some fancy features that the more serious shooter might appreciate. It utilizes the Bullet Drop Compensating (BDC) 150 reticle, which offers shooters unique open circle aiming points from 50 to 150 yards. It also features Nikon's Eco-Glass lenses, which is made without lead or arsenic and coated with multiple layers of anti-reflective compounds.

Overall it has bright clear optics and is reasonably easy to sight in. If the Leupold is slightly out of your price range, but you still want a good scope then this scope from Nikon will be a really good option for you.

Now that we looked at each scope individually, we can compare them to each other to try and figure out which one is the best scope for Ruger 10 22 rifles.

The Simmons .22 Mag TruPlex Reticle Rimfire rifle scope is an inexpensive scope that is durable and easy to use. It will compete with most scopes in its class in both quality and price. This is the best scope for Ruger 10 22 rifles if price is your main concern and you want an affordable scope that will get the basic job done.

The Barska scope offers good quality with excellent optics at a very nice price. The rings that come with the scope are not great though, so you will probably need to get rings for the scope if you decide to buy this scope.

The Leupold 113872 VX-1 Rimfire scope is a scope intended for the more serious shooter. It is significantly more expensive than the Simmons and Barska scopes described above, but for the money you get a quality scope asian and american dating edicate that gives you superior optics. If you just want a scope for shooting on the rare occasion, this is not the best scope for your needs. But if you want a quality scope and are willing to pay for it, this scope is a top choice.

The Nikon P-RIMFIRE BDC 150 rifle scope is not a cheap scope, but you do get a good quality scope with excellent features for the money. It is much heavier than the other scopes on our list, but offers excellent optics for the serious shooter. This is the best scope for Ruger 10 22 rifles if you want a quality scope with decent features, but don't want to spend the price of the Leupold.

If you go for a budget scope, we would pick the Simmons scope. It offers great quality optics, is durable and is the most affordable scope we looked at.

If we are going to go for one of the more expensive options, we would pick the Leupold scope.

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