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At $35, the Simmons scope is a marked improvement on the iron sights of your .22 rifle. The scope has a run of the mill 32mm lens, which is standard for this range of scopes.

The 9x magnification is more than adequate for the modest range of the .22 caliber rounds you will be firing from the plinker. With this kind of rifle, you really should be looking only at scopes designed specifically for rimfire shooting and this is an affordable scope of excellent quality that should get the job done in the target range for you on a regular basis. At 9.6 ounces, it is perfect addition to your 5 pound rifle.

Retailing at rates identical to the Simmons scope above, the Tasco is another decent option for .22 Ruger owners. This is a scope that is tailor-made for a .22 rimfire rifle.

At around 11 ounces it is a quite lightweight scope that should get the job done on a Ruger 10/22. With a standard 32mm objective lens, 9x magnification, waterproof and fog-proof construction, it has all the features you would expect from a scope in its class. This multipurpose scope will serve you adequately whether you want to do some varmint hunting or fire a couple of rounds at paper.

Nikon offers some of the finest quality glass at affordable prices. Within our shortlist of scopes for 10/22 Rugers, the Nikon is one of the two premier options. This scope has been designed specifically for rimfire rifles like the 10/22. While it is not exactly cheap at over $150, this Nikon scope will deliver top notch performance for Ruger 10/22 owners looking to do some serious target shooting at the range. The BDC reticle offers a unique feature of open circle aiming points at distances between 50 to 150 yards, making it a perfect addition to a .22 Ruger. This is not the most lightweight scope in our list,but that is a small tradeoff, considering the amazing optics and unbeatable build quality.

For anybody looking apolo ohno dating for the best performance from a .22 plinker at the competition level, the Nikon is scope of choice along with the next scope in our list.

The Leupold name needs no introduction here. This is the most expensive scope for a 10/22 Ruger in our list. At $220, it might sound a bit of an overkill, but this is the best scopes in its class. It is very compact and lightweight at 8.2 ounces, and has all the hallmarks of the legendary Leupold build quality. Unlike most other cheaper options in this list, you also get full lifetime warranty and that is a sweet deal right there. With excellent light transmission, this scope will serve you well in low light conditions you might encounter out ion the woods. The 7x magnification is more than enough for the range capabilities of the .22 Ruger. The 10/22 is not really a serious hunting rifle, but for those looking to improve their chances against smaller game or varmints, this Leupold is the perfect choice, albeit a pricey one.

If you have the money to spend, this Leupold is probably the best your can buy for a Ruger 10/22 rifle right now.

Available at around the $50 mark, this is another good option specifically designed for .22 plinkers like the Ruger 10/22. The optics may not be up to the mark of a Nikon or Leupold, but that is out of the question at this price point anyways.

This BSA is an excellent scope apolo ohno dating shawn johnson in its own right for the price. Once you zero it at 50 yards, your should be good for up to 150 yards or more. Not exactly the lightest scope in business at 20 ounces, the BSA is nevertheless a capable scope for those looking at an affordable option to go varmint hunting with their .22 Rugers.

At around $40, this another decently priced and specced rimfire scope option suitable for the 10/22 Ruger rifle.

Though definitely not something that you might want to consider for competition level shooting, this scope is a good buy if you intend to hunt small game or go after a few beer cans at 50-100 yards.

The optics are crisp for the price and the build quality is rugged enough to handle most outdoors conditions.

It is also a decent scope for routine target practice, especially for beginners looking to familiarize themselves with an entry apolo ono dating who level gun like the 10/22.

The 10/22 is a much beloved and capable gun, no question about that.

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