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Yet I didnt want to hang a conventional scope on what is a trim, easy-to-handle five-pound .22. I was interested in hitting small targets quickly (and repeatedly) at short to medium rimfire ranges. What I envisioned was a user-friendly plinker that would work well on small game and wouldnt need obsessive wipe-downs and coddling. But not a beater.

After mounting the Aimpoint to the rifle, I followed a rather simple, but apolo ono dating who effective method for testing it at the range. I grabbed a single 50-round box of every brand/weight/bullet type of .22 Long Rifle ammo I could lay my hands on and a whole bunch of targets and headed out.

I planned on following a rather basic procedure: (1) Shoot several five-shot, 25-yard groups with everything; (2) determine what ammo delivered the tightest groups; (3) adjust the sights to put that particular ammo at the desired point of aim; and (4) get a whole bunch of the winning ammo and stay with it exclusively.

Another important step, of course, is to select one or two runners-up in the accuracy department and make note of where they impactedjust in case you run out of, or cant find, the winning stuff when you need it.

Windage and elevation adjustments on the Aimpoint are made with a pair of ingenious screw-on caps with two small prongs. Just reverse them, fit the prongs into the holes on the adjustment dial and turnwindage counterclockwise to move right, apolo julianne dating elevation counterclockwise to move up (and reverse the turning direction for left and down).

Of the brand/types of ammo I used, there were two clear showstoppersWinchester 40-grain Power Point and CCI 32-grain Stingers, at 1,178 and 1,574 fps, respectively. Both of them stayed inor arounda half inch at 25 yards (actually, more like 28). No, its not what youd expect with standard-velocity match ammo from a Winchester Model 52, but thats not the point. The Aimpoint features 1X magnification and a four-MOA red dot, which translates to about one inch at 25 yards.

I was using the Aimpoints red dot in a center hold, meaning I was subtending just over an inch. I left the brightness level on the Aimpoint at around mid-level. More brightness simply ragged out the edges of the red dot to the point where it wasnt quite as crisp as I would have gotten (at least when I was 30 years younger) from a globe-and-peep smallbore setup.

What sold me on the whole thing was how fast that red dot was to line up.

I blew off an unconscionable amount of ammo busting clay target chips on a 50-yard berm, and it was a hoot once I figured out where to hold. Is this a precision (meaning on paper) 50- to 75-yard setup?

Is it good apolo ohno dating enough for plinking and small game at those yardages?

Once its cranked up or down to the most appropriate level of size and brightness, the red dot contrasts well with mottled shadow-and-light backgrounds.

As far as function goes, the 10/22 didnt even stutter.

The trigger, at a rather rough 51/2 pounds, couldve been better. Im debating whether to live with it or join the legions of 10/22 tweakers whove gone the drop-in-replacement route. I could, I suppose, stick a conventional rimfire scope on it. The Aimpoint-ed 10/22 is perfect for what I want a rimfire forsmacking stuff fast and having fun.

Since its public introduction in 1964, the Ruger 10/22 has taken the rimfire rifle market by storm. The Ruger 10/22, in all its many variants, is almost definitely the most popular autoloading .22 rifle made today. The 10/22 has been manufactured without any really drastic action changes since its launch. This means that while it is a fundamentally sound design, it can stand to benefit from some modern upgrades. We’ve narrowed down the wide array of Ruger 10/22 accessories to a few tried-and-true favorites.

The Williams “Ace in the Hole” is a dynamite first stop to making your Ruger 10/22 a better shootin’ piece.

A combination adjustable aperture rear sight and Picatinny rail mount, the Ace in the Hole sight allows you to keep an upgraded rear sight on the rifle, while still allowing you to mount optics. The Ace in the Hole kit includes a Williams Firesight red fiber optic front sight to replace the stock front sight.

The front sight replacement is required; I tried keeping the Ruger front sight with my Ace in the Hole, and the rifle shot too high, even with the rear adjustable sight as low as it could go.

Williams “Ace in the Hole” mounted on a Ruger 10/22 Takedown.

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