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Though not exactly a apolo ono dating who gun that begs for a scope, adding some quality glass to the rifle will undoubtedly improve its shooting capabilities. There are a few things owners of the Ruger should keep in mind while thinking about getting a scope for their rifle. Conventional wisdom holds that money spent on quality optics is never wasted. But the .22 Ruger is a small caliber rifle that performs well within a limited range.

Mounting a regular centrefire scope on this kind of rifle is certifiable overkill. Ruger plinkers are best used in conjunction with scopes that are designed specifically for rimfire rifles. And looking at the range of choices available in the market, ideal scopes for the 10/22 all share 3 basic characteristics.

They are not the most expensively priced scopes out there. Even the more expensive Leupold and Nikon models are priced well under the $250 mark. If you are into serious target shooting or small game hunting, these are your go to scopes for this rifle. For a more casual use, any of the other scopes under $100 will more than enough.

The 10/22 is a light rifle and the best scopes designed for these rifles tend to weight around 10 ounces. The Nikon and BSA tip the scales around 16-20 ounces mark, but that shouldnt really be a deal-breaker.

It is up to the individual user to figure their personal preferences.

And you will not find scopes with too many feature in the .22 class. Though the 10/22 Ruger is an excellent rifle adored by expert marksmen as well as your average Joe, it is mainly considered a beginners weapon for those looking for an entry point into the world of rifles.

As such, you really shouldnt be looking for scopes with an overwhelming array of features, most of which may not even work on the modestly performing .22 plinker.

In conclusion, 10/22 Ruger owners looking for best in class scopes designed for serious target practice should look at the Nikon and Leupold scopes. If budget is an issue, you have plenty of choice in the sub $100 range with the scopes we have shortlisted for you here.

Since its 1964 introduction, Rugers amazingly successful 10/22 has been the undisputed champion of the aftermarket industry (rimfire division).

This modest little .22 autoloader has been the recipient of more stock and barrel configurations, finishes and drop-in trigger units than you can count. There was simply no way Ruger was going to sit on the sidelines and simply provide the basic platform for all that custom sporting, competition and (yes) tactical tweaking, so the company jumped into the game itself and currently offers 10 cataloged variants under the general headings of Carbine, Target, Compact, Sporter and Tactical.

That and a staggering apolo ohno dating shawn johnson 35 variants (generally revolving around different stock material, color and configurations) that fall under the banner of Dealer Exclusives.

Thanks to its bombproof 10-shot detachable rotary magazine, the rifle simply works. And anyone whos ever had his share of malfunction frustrations with detachable inline .22 box magazines and tubular mags should be able to appreciate that. A colleague of mine with considerable experience in military hardware once told me that much of the AK47s reputation for doomsday reliability lies in its magazine. Maybe, but the 10/22s rotary unit deserves a lot of credit for the rifles reputation, even though shooters who prefer svelte rimfire asian and american dating edicate receivers may find the rifles chunky midsection aesthetically unappealing.

I recently got hold of a 10/22 variant that I wanted, the Model 1240. Its a stainless/polymer number in the Carbine series.

Having relocated to the Midwest, where humidity is an all-pervasive fact of life, I wanted something weather-resistant. Having long reached the downhill side of 50, I wanted something a bit more amenable to my aging eyes than the folding-leaf open rear sight and gold bead front that the 1240 comes with.

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