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- with the bi-pod., has a 13.5" length of pull and a nice two-stage varmint trigger. No "early shots" with this one.

This is the rifle portion of the "Converible Tactical" combo shown elsewhere in this gallery.

It was built with the purpose of being a dual purpose custom target & varmint rifle. It is extremely quick to the eye, has the best ergonomics of any rifle, weighs 5.5 lbs and looks awesome.

This one-of-a-kind custom features: New Ruger receiver; Whistle Pig aluminum match 18" are matt rihanna dating barrel with flutes and 3 row cut compensator; black/grey Raptor target stock hand fitted and finished in satin oil; Heier Match trigger assembly ( 2.5 lb.) with Volquartsen internals, polished stainless auto bolt release, custom gold billet target trigger by Ballistic Specialties and billet aluminum lever magazine release from Tactical Solutions; hardened & jeweled match bolt assembly with extended handle from Superior Industries; raised billet aluminum Weaver base from Power Custom; billet quick-release (no tool needed) combat & magnum rated rings; 6 - 24 x 50MM Brunton Optics target scope.

It features: new 2012 Ruger smooth black receiver; Tactical Inc. 16.5" fluted and threaded match steel barrel; custom forward blow compensator from WhistlePig Barrels; Boyd's Blaster thumbhole silhouette stock; hardened and polished match bolt; billet extended bolt handle from Rimfire Technologies; Heier Ultra-Match adjustable trigger assembly; Tactical Solutions lever release; Weigand Combat raised billet scope base; UTG combat rings custom anodized; Tru-Glo 30mm 4-16x40 SF target scope with lighted reticule;billet aluminum 25 round magazine by Tactical Inc; Turcite-X buffer.

The custom anodizing on this project was done by Gun Candy and my thanks go to them for their great service!

This custom "three-tone" rifle features all the best available modern parts blended with the look of the "old-school" octagon barrel.

This rifle features: new billet "Elite" 22 receiver from Tactical Inc.; Eliminator high gloss stock; Heier designed octagon barrel made by Whistle Pig Gun Barrels; Heier 2-tone trigger assembly with Volquartsen internals, Wolff springs, Tactical Inc. billet trigger, polished SS auto-bolt release and Heier/QualTac lever mag release; Heier hardened match bolt assembly with new design "one-Off" jeweling pattern by Red Mist Maker; Heier/Red Mist extended logo bolt handle; Leupold rings; Mueller 4.5-14x40AO target scope; Turcite-X buffer; Heier SS socket head takedown screw.

This show piece match rifle was a pleasure to build and the results speak for themselves.

This all black version of my New/Old School series was made for R. Fowlie of CA.

It's features are: new 2012 Ruger smooth black receiver; Heier designed 20" ported octagon match barrel by WhistlePig; Boyd's textured hardwood tactical stock; Heier/Ruger match bolt assembly - laser etched; Heier/Red Mist custom one-off Delrin logo extended bolt handle - knurled; Heier Super-Match trigger assembly with Volquartsen internals, QualTac lever mag release and an auto-bolt release; Power Custom raised billet scope base; Leupold billet rings; Tru-Glo 6-24x44AO Target scope with shade; Turcite-X buffer.

This custom rifle is another in the series of target rifles with the theme title Fire & Brimstone.

The features of this one are: New 2011 Ruger receiver; Whistle Pig match aluminum threaded barrel; custom one-off asian and american dating edicate threaded comp from Mike "The Machinist" of AlumaliteUSA; Boyd's Evolution stock hand fitted and finished with many coats of Tru-Oil stock finish; polished target bolt assembly with Heier/Red Mist custom knurled logo bolt handle; raised billet scope base by QualTac; Heier Super-Match trigger assembly with billet trigger from Tac Inc. and lever release from QualTac; billet Weaver rings; Tru-Glo lighted target scope.

This rifle was purchased as a Christmas present by B.

Morton of right here in MT for his wife.

I've also heard that she is a darn good shot but he has been shooting it too. Just who was the rifle for anyway?

This cross-over rifle was built for Bob S. of the great state of Washington.

Bob wanted a .22 rifle that could split duties with target shooting and varmint hunting. This very special medium weight rifle utilizes a hand picked, fitted and finished stock with studs; Heier jeweled match bolt with Kidd handle; Heier match trigger assembly with Volquartsen internals and extended mag release; high end Tru-Glo lighted varmint/target scope in 6-24x44AO with Butler Creek flip up covers; combat billet raised base and quick detach (no tool) rings; Whistle Pig aluminum fluted and threaded .920 match barrel; Tac-Sol custom ported muzzle brake; Harris bi-pod.

The second photo are mark and bristol dating shows the are matt rhianna dating changes that Bob has made.

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