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The balance point is at the mag well and the head's-up shooting position is superb.

I started with a Ruger Charger pistol and built a full tactical pistol. To this I added a 16" match rifle barrel, A2 buttstock tube assembly and A2 Walnut stock with matching grip.

The weapon features: Nordic Components billet aluminum frame assembly: new Ruger Charger pistol receiver assembly; 10" match threaded Whistle Pig aluminum barrel for pistol configuration & 16" match threaded barrel for rifle configuration; custom rear receiver plug; 8" UTG full float forend quad-rail assembly; Yankee Hill rail covers; application for dating my teenage daughter custom full ported Tactical Solutions compensator; New Century reflex projection sight & QD laser/tac light combo; ATI folding foregrip with storage; Tri-Mag set-up with 3 factory Ruger magazines.

To this pistol system I have added an A2 buffer tube with extension; American Walnut buttstock and matching grip; 16" match threaded aluminum Whistle Pig fluted barrel with 5" weighted comp from Mike at AlumaliteUSA.

This custom is number 5 in my series of "Black & Blue" customs. Eherts of NY.

The features of this one are: New 2012 Ruger receiver; custom billet Picatinny raised base by QualTac;; custom smooth satin finished Whistle Pig aluminum match barrel with flutes and compensator - hand fitted to receiver; satin finished silhouette thumbhole stock from Boyd's hand fitted to this barreled action; custom Heier/Red Mist logo extended billet handle; Heier/Red Mist "prism" jeweled match bolt assembly; Heier Super-Match trigger assembly (2 lb. 6 oz.) with Volquartsen internals, auto-bolt release & Heier/QualTac lever mag release; Leupold billet aluminum rings; Millett 6-18X40AO target scope.

Folks, this rifle has a number of unique features from the custom barrel to the DuraCoated accessories by Chuck at Red Mist to the top shelf scope.

Most of my customers have reported consistent groups with the WP barrels of 1/2" or less at 50 yards using regular "off-the-shelf" ammo that is readily available.

The Millett scope used is brand new for 2012 and is made for Millett by Weaver. It features superior lenses, duplex reticule with fine center X-hairs, paralax adjustment down to 10 yards and precise hand click adjustments. This is a top-shelf optic.

This tactical is a full-tilt-boogey version of my "Bad-Ass" series of 10/22 custom tacticals that I have been building for years. All are completely unique and use many one-off custom parts available nowhere else.

This one has had the stocked set in a fixed position and the compensator permanently attached to be in compliance with MA law. Oh, it also is not being delivered with a high-cap mag. Must be hundreds if not thousands of innocent people in MA have been slaughtered by the evil 10/22 with high-cap mags!

Go figure.

Also now building -- FULLY CUSTOM NEW RUGER SR-22s. This is Ruger's copy of my original "Bad-Ass Tactical design from back in 2004. I will take their basic 10/22 base offering and bring application for dating my son it up to my specs and add all the necessary features you will want on a custom tactical to bring it up to match specs. Contact me about building one for you!

This tactical is a full-tilt-boogey version of my "Bad-Ass" series of 10/22 custom tacticals.

I built this one as if it were mine to keep (knowing that I couldn't).

I chose the components and designed the "look" that I wanted on my own personal rifle.

I used all the best available parts and technology from Nordic, Whistle Pig, Tactical Inc., ATI, Grip-Pod, Yankee Hill, New Century and of course Mike "The Machinist" of AlumaliteUSA.

From the daytime green laser to the instant detach tac light to the push button Grip-Pod - this was designed to be a complete weapon system.

Terrific fire-power, fantastic accuracy, Ruger 10/22 reliability and cheap ammo are what it is about. This one was fun to build!

As with all my tacticals the barrel is threaded and finished with a "one-off" custom aluminum compensator from Mike. These are the best and most unique thread-on barrel attachments for tactical weapons on the planet. Mike - thank you for your awesome work and help arab dating network matching for singles on my builds.

Ted D. - please enjoy this weapon and save a few varmints in MO for the rest of the shooters there!

Also now building -- FULLY CUSTOM NEW RUGER SR-22s. This is Ruger's copy of my original "Bad-Ass Tactical design from back in 2004.

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