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I will take their basic 10/22 base offering and bring it up to my specs and add all the necessary features you will want on a custom tactical to bring it up to match specs. Contact me about building one for you!

This custom rifle is another of my series of "Harley" theme rifles. It is the first one ever using the new Viper stock from Predator Stocks and the first one using the HD corporate orange/black color combo. The stock is a true "ambidextrous" stock and allows both LH and RH shooters the same fit.

This theme rifle is one of my favorite builds of the last 44 years. It currently resides with a new customer of mine in the great state of Texas somewhere in the Fort Worth area.

These custom rifles were designed and built for the Rapin's of MS.

His : "Fire & Brimstone 8" - new Ruger receiver; Yukon Extreme stock in Red/Blk; Whistle Pig custom aluminum threaded barrel faded black to red with one-off WP comp; Heier two-tone Super-Match trigger assembly; Heier/Red Mist "Prism" jeweled match bolt assembly with application for dating my child extended logo bolt handle; custom billet raised scope base by QualTac; billet combat rings; Tru-Glo 30mm target scope (4.5 - 30 x 50 SF) with shade and lighted reticule.

Hers : "Buckskin Target 2" - new Ruger receiver; LH Yukon Extreme stock in "Buckskin" colors; Whistle Pig match aluminum threaded barrel with flutes; custom comp by Mike at AlumaliteUSA; Heier two-tone Super-Match trigger assembly; Heier/Red Mist "Prism" jeweled match bolt assembly with knurled logo bolt handle; Power Custom billet raised scope base; Leupold rings; Vortex 4-12x40 target scope.

Families shooting together - isn't that what is great about America? Oh, and thank you for your service!

This weapon weighs a mere 69 oz. Talk about the ultimate "seat/coach" weapon!

This started as a New 2011 Ruger silver/grey Charger pistol. To this I have changed or added: Match 10" aluminum threaded Whistle Pig barrel (1/2x28tpi); custom full ported thread-on stabilization module; Tactical Inc. custom Rebel target stock with longer forend and vents; Heier (2 lb.) Match trigger assembly with Volquartsen internals, auto bolt release, OT stop on trigger and Heier/QualTac lever magazine release; polished target bolt trued and head-spaced; OS extended skeleton charging handle from Tactical Inc.; AIM Sport 2-7x32 long eye relief handgun scope and Weaver style rings.

This full custom silver & black varmint special was designed primarily for the serious varmint shooter that occasionally goes to the range. The trigger assembly on this one is a two-stage, 3lb.,smooth pull system that was built for that "finger-on-trigger" style of shooting used in varmint hunting where early fires with semi-autos are all too common with a target trigger.

This rifle is sound suppressor ready and application for dating my daughter loaded with "one-off" custom features.

This one-of-a-kind custom consists of the following: New Ruger receiver assembly (smooth "new" black finish); Boyd's Blaster thumbhole stock in the black/grey laminate finished in satin; Whistle Pig match .920 aluminum threaded barrel with flutes - this barrel is suppressor ready; custom aluminum thread protector/comp from Mike at AlumaliteUSA; polished target bolt assembly with Heier/Red Mist "one-off" custom knurled extended bolt handle with logo; Heier Super-Match trigger assembly with billet custom trigger, polished auto bolt release, Volquartsen internals and a custom extended mag release that matches the handle; raised billet scope base from Power Custom; billet rings; Tru-Glo 6-24X44AO lighted reticule scope; swivel studs and the "piesta resistance" - a one-off custom Diamondback Rattlesnake sling.

Michael F. of Ohio is the proud new owner of this select rifle.

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