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Shoot straight - shoot safely Mike!

This full custom "Theme" rifle was purchased by C. Tolliver of MD - a serious collector of guns.

I designed and built this theme rifle because in 43+ years of doing this I have never seen a rifle with a "Copper" inspired theme.

What you see is the exact result of my initial vision for this project. Many of the parts were arthur rogers special forces dating women custom made for this specific project.

Some of the features are: 10 coat hand oil finished stock design from Richard's Microfit completely customized and hand finished by me; billet Elite receiver from Tactical Inc.; very rare new match barrel from Whistle Pig; fully customized and detailed Heier Custom Super-Match trigger assembly; custom Heier match bolt assembly with first ever "Prism" jeweling by Red Mist Maker along with a one-off billet & copper colored logo Heier/Red Mist bolt handle; custom matched combat rings and a Tru-Glo 6-24x44AO target scope; custom detailed black to copper fade steel lip magazine.

The rifle features : Elite 22 billet receiver by Tactical Inc.; 20" ported octagon barrel by WhistlePig; hardwood TactiCool stock by Boyd's; Heier/red Mist jeweled match bolt assembly; Heier/Red Mist custom billet logo extended handle; Heier Super-Match trigger assembly armed forces dating with Volquartsen internals, billet trigger from Tactical Inc., billet lever mag release by QualTac and polished auto-bolt release; Leupold billet rings; Bushnell 6-24x50AO target scope with lighted reticule; Winchester aluminum adjustable bi-pod; my hex head take-down screw; Turcite-X buffer.

This complete package only weighed 6.5 lbs. and should be perfect for the squirrels it was intended for.

This is another custom rifle purchased by collector C.Tolliver of Maryland.

This rifle was built as a cross-over target/varmint rifle. It features a new Ruger receiver assembly; polished target bolt assembly with Heier/Red Mist Maker custom logo extended billet armless women for dating bolt handle; hand applied Tru-Oil high-gloss Boyd's Blaster stock; 18" Whistle Pig .920 match aluminum fluted barrel with cut comp; CenterPoint 6-24x50AO lighted target scope; Power Custom billet raised base; QD billet rings; my own Super-Match trigger assembly with Volquartsen internals, auto bolt release and Tactical Solutions magazine release.

He wanted a rifle that could hold it's own at the range and still keep the varmint population under control.

The features of this build are: New '11 Ruger smooth black receiver assembly; Whistle Pig match silver barrel with flutes and compensator; Eliminator stock hand fitted and finished with 8 coats of Tru-Oil gun stock finish, custom Ruger logo medallion and studs; Power Custom silver scope base; Heier/Red Mist prism jeweled match bolt assembly & custom "one-off" tapered Ruger logo extended bolt handle with matching extended magazine release; Heier Super-Match trigger assembly with billet trigger and Heier/QualTac lever mag release; billet rings; Tru-Glo 6-24x44AO target scope with illuminated reticule.

This custom was built for K.

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