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He has changed the scope to a tactical side focus and added a rear uni-pod. Good job Bob!

This full custom "Race Rifle" was built using a hand finished high gloss Baracuda target stock; custom painted Whistle Pig match aluminum barrel; new Ruger receiver assembly; Heier/Red Mist custom match "prism" jeweled bolt assembly and extended logo handle; Heier Super-Match trigger assembly with Volquartsen match internals, Heier/Qualcom matching lever release & Ballistic Specialties billet trigger; raised billet Power Custom scope base; billet rings; Tru-Glo 6-24X44AO target scope with custom detailed shade.

This one was built for the website to be an extremely light-weight and ergonomic target rifle. It was fully customized using a number of one-off parts and techniques to keep it totally unique from any other custom 10/22.

This custom long range Charger pistol was built for M.

He wanted a custom Charger that would compete at longer distances 50 - 100 yards and would accomodate his custom bite trigger system.

The features of this pistol are : New 2012 Ruger Charger receiver; WhistlePig aluminum match 16.5" barrel - fluted and threaded; custom ported and anodized muzzle brake/stabilizer; specially modified stock from Tactical Inc.; Heier/Ruger target bolt assembly - trued, head-spaced, polished and laser etched; Heier/Red Mist custom billet logo extended bolt handle; Power Custom raised scope base anodized by Gun Candy; Heier Match trigger assembly with Volquartsen internals; custom two-tone bi-pod from Gun Candy; stainless hex head take-down screw; Turcite-X buffer.

Thank you very much for your business Scott and keep 'em in the 10X.

This tactical custom rifle features a number of custom one-off items and a stock configuration for full size adult shooters.

It was designed and built for multiple styles of shooting whether full on target, varmint hunting or reactive targets . It is sound suppressor ready and only needs your sling choice to be complete.

The features of this tactical custom are: Boyd's hardwood tactical stock with textured coat, Anshutz style grip, raised cheek piece, full forend & 3 studs; Whistle Pig match aluminum fluted & threaded barrel; Tactical Inc. billet Elite 22 receiver with machined in extended base; match target bolt with hardened firing pin & sharp edge extractor; Heier/Red Mist custom logo billet extended bolt handle; Heier Super-Match trigger assembly with application for dating my child Volquartsen internals (2lbs. 10oz.), Heier/TSL lever mag release & Ballistic Specialties target trigger; custom one-off stabilizer/fake suppressor by Mike application for dating my daughter of AlumaliteUSA; 25 round steel lip adjustable magazine by Tactical Inc.; Rock Mount 9"-13"adjustable aluminum bi-pod; Tru-Glo lighted 6-24X44AO sniper scope with P-4 reticule & paralax adjustable from 15 yards with 3" + 5" shades. This scope is great for shooting at multiple distances without having to re-adjust the setting.

This totally set up Target/Varmint rifle has found a new home with D.

Barr in the great state of CO.

The main design elements in this build were based on Dave's ideas with a bunch of my added parts to give it the finished 'flair' he was after. I really enjoyed building this rifle for him and it definitely is one that I wished I could have kept. He heartly approved of all the design additions I made to the completed rifle.

The rifle features: new 2012 Ruger receiver assembly; Eliminator stock hand finished with 10 coats of Tru-Oil and studs added; custom built polished and threaded 18" Whistle Pig aluminum match barrel; one-off custom forward blow comp by Mike at AlumaliteUSA; hardened & polished match bolt with Heier/Red Mist custom logo extended bolt handle; Heier Super-Match trigger assembly (2 lb.) with Volquartsen and Power Custom internals, auto bolt release, billet trigger and Heier/Qualtac lever mag release; QualTac custom billet raised scope base; Leupold billet aluminum rings; Tru-Glo 6-24X50AO target scope with shade; Tactical Inc.

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