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Jones of the great state of Texas. He wanted a rifle with a fit for a full sized adult that could be used for both target shooting and varmint hunting. He wanted the "old-school" look of one of my octagon barrels incorporated into the design. The results are what you see.

The features of his custom are : custom fitted T-Rex stock from Predator in the "Habenero" colors of orange/grey; new Ruger receiver; my design matte black match octagon barrel by Whistle Pig Barrels; polished match bolt assembly; Heier/Red Mist custom bolt handle; Heier Super-Match two-tone trigger assembly with Volquartsen internals, Heier/TSL lever magazine release and polished stainless auto bolt release; raised billet scope base from Power Custom; billet wide strap hex rings; Tru-Glo 6-24X44AO lighted scope with parallax adjustment from 15 yards; swivel studs; Harris bi-pod.

This is technically one of my "New-Old School" series rifles because it incorporates the finest of modern parts with the old-school look of the octagon barrel.

This rifle was built for precision shooting and excellent handling.

The mid-west doctor who now owns this rifle is guaranteed to be the only one at the range with one. Shoot straight D.P.

This custom .22 LR match grade rifle in the red/gray/black theme features: Raptor stock properly fitted and finished in satin Tru-Oil; Whistle Pig 18 match fluted and comp'd barrel anodized silver/grey/red fade; Tru-Glo varmint series scope ( 6 - 24 x 44AO) designed for rimfire and paralax adjustable from 15 yards; Power Custom raised billet scope base for heads-up positioning; Heiers Custom Super-Match trigger assembly with Volquartsen internals, stainless polished auto bolt release, Tactical-Solutions lever magazine release and Rimfire Technologies billet target trigger; Heier match polished & jeweled bolt assembly with over-size Superior extended charging handle, accuracy firing pin and Wolff springs; silver billet aluminum rings.

This rifle weighs a mere 5.75 lbs. is very quick to the eye and has a balance point at the trigger for exceptional handling. The trigger breaks cleanly at slightly over 2 lbs. 5 oz.

I built this rifle for both target & arun lookin for dating varmint duty.

The scope is not a "cheapie" 3-9 center-fire scope used by some other builders. It features the finest glass available, super-fine X-hairs found only on high end optics, target turrets and two sun shades.

This rifle was built to mainly be used for club competition and rest shooting.

It features: highly modified, hand fitted and finished Rhineland fully adjustable "Leopard" stock with many coats of Tru-Oil finish plus inlaid Ruger medallion; Tactical Inc. billet raised base "Elite 22" milled receiver; Heier/Red Mist jeweled match bolt & custom logo extended handle; Whistle Pig aluminum match threaded barrel; Tactical Solutions ported compensator; Heier Ultra-Match trigger assembly with Volquartsen and Power Custom internals; billet trigger from Tactical Inc.; Heier/QualTac billet lever mag release; Heier Turcite-X buffer; Accusport billet wide-strap Weaver style rings; Vortex 4-12 AO target scope.

Full custom Target/Varmint rifle.

Second in a series titled "Black & Blue".

This custom features: RH Revolution laminated stock hand finished in satin; 20" Whistle Pig aluminum .920 match barrel with flutes and built-in cut compensator; Heier Super-Match trigger assembly (2.5 lb.) with Volquartsen match internals, Heier/QualTac blue lever magazine release, blue trigger & auto bolt release; Heier/Red Mist match bolt assembly with "Prism" jeweling, polished match firing pin and hardened extractor; custom logo extended billet bolt handle from Heier/Red Mist with Power Custom stainless HD rod and match spring; Power Custom raised billet scope base; billet wide strap rings; Tru-Glo 6-24X44AO target scope with fine X-hairs and removable sun shade.

The blue accessories are also done in DuraCoat by my partner Chuck of Red Mist.

This rifle was designed to be super accurate, medium weight and with a great balance point. The very accurate Whistle Pig barrel was used to give the look and weight reduction needed for this project.

This custom target/varmint rifle weighs 7 lbs. The balance point is at the magazine and the ergonomics of the Anshutz style grip are superb.

The features of this version of my "New-Old School" series are: armless women for dating New Ruger receiver; hardened and jeweled match bolt; Heier/Red Mist custom billet logo extended handle; Boyd's limited edition tactical target stock; my design 20" match octagon Whistle Pig barrel; Super-Match trigger assembly with Volquartsen internals, Tactical Solutions lever magazine release & custom trigger with an auto bolt release; Turcite - X buffer; Power Custom raised billet scope base; quick detach (no tool) billet rings; Tru-Glo target series 6 - 24 x 50 AO lighted target scope - parallax adjustable from 15 yards with fine mil-dot reticule.

The scope is a top notch optic featuring 1/8MOA adjustment with true tactical turrets, paralax adjustable from 15 yards and two sunshades (3" & 4.5").

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